John McCallum

The Liberal Party and the rule of law

Shannon Gormley: The striking similarities between what some Liberals say about China and what some Liberals say about SNC-Lavalin

The real election threat is China

Terry Glavin: Ottawa has been focused on cyber-meddling. But consider the case of John McCallum for a glimpse at a more present danger.

Farewell to John McCallum, 2017’s man in Beijing

Paul Wells: At some point Trudeau abandoned his China ambitions. The former ambassador—and many others—seemed unaware that times have changed.

Canadian MPs and their extravagant gifts. Is this bribery?

Scott Gilmore: John McCallum got $73,000 in gifts from China as an MP. Ottawa says it’s ‘sponsored travel’. Diplomats would call it ‘being compromised’.

Sorry John McCallum, extradition doesn’t neatly divide the courts from the politicians

The ambassador and the Prime Minister stress the role of judges in the Meng case, but experts say extradition is ultimately about political decision-making

The Huawei deal that the Trudeau government missed

Tom Parkin: The warning signs about Huawei and the Liberals’ starry-eyed approach to China were clear. This extradition mess could have been avoided.

Canada’s top diplomat in China says Meng Wanzhou has a ‘strong case’: Video

Watch Canada’s top diplomat in China, John McCallum, outline the Huawei executive’s potential arguments against extradition to the U.S.

Maybe Canadians aren’t more enlightened about immigrants, after all

A survey finds that Canadians’ views on immigrants are close to those of Europeans and Americans. Could our political system be what sets us apart?

The one problem with Justin Trudeau’s new team

Why Canada’s new ambassador to China, and the Liberals’ ugly ties to Beijing, will make the work of a smart new cabinet even harder

What you need to know about Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle

As Chrystia Freeland rises, Maryam Monsef falls. And as two Liberal vets move on, two ministers to watch move in

Ottawa’s reigning political selfie junkie is not who you think

The Prime Minister takes a lot of flack when he constantly poses for selfies at public events. But he’s not Ottawa’s selfie king.

Canada’s immigration debate is more serious than America’s

A key Clinton-Trump exchange in Las Vegas contrasts with Ottawa’s policy debate