A black and white photo of a man sitting backwards on a wooden chair, his hands resting on his crossed arms which lie on the cahir back.

I’m a Canadian actor on the SAG-AFTRA picket line. Here’s why I’m striking.

"The other side thinks they have the upper hand, but what they’re not taking into consideration is the tenacity of human nature, of the human soul"
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I’ve been a headhunter for 25 years and I’ve never seen a job market like this

"Right now, companies are experiencing a similar situation: all of their job postings are just not attracting applicants as they used to"

New taxes, bans and climate rules: 46 new laws across Canada in 2020

Restrictions on vaping, much bigger wood buildings, dogs on patios and more
Baxter the industrial robot used on production lines on display at the Science Museum at Preview Of The Science Museum’s Robots Exhibition

As the age of AI looms, what is the future for labour and unions?

Opinion: Amid fears that AI could threaten jobs, unions can keep doing what they’ve always done to survive in a brave new future—and even potentially inspire a more ambitious mission
Tim Hortons customers line up to order delicious tea, coffee

What’s missing in the debate over Ontario’s minimum wage

Opinion: Political debates are fundamentally about how we want to live together—and if we ignore the human element, we threaten our democracy
Ontario college strike

What it’s like to be an under-paid Ontario college instructor

Opinion: Teaching at Ontario colleges pays so much less a university that there is very little incentive to put up with it if there are other options

U.K. Election: Theresa May to form government of "certainty"

Theresa May confirmed she will attempt to form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party after failing to win a majority in the June 8 U.K. general election.

It’s getting harder for Harper to brag about his record on jobs

A look at how sluggish the Canadian jobs market is becoming

Why youth and unions can’t seem to see eye to eye

As unions try to find ways to attract young people, their membership remains dominated by older workers