Cranes and large steel columns at Tesla GigaFactory under construction in Austin Texas on Jan. 4, 2021 (iStock)

Climate action is going to create too many jobs 

Mike Moffatt and John McNally: Two big bottlenecks stand in the way of Canada’s climate ambition—a shortage of skilled labour and a shortage of housing

New census income data conceal the scars of the oil crash

While the latest census figures confirm that Canada fared well during the global recession, the picture of household financial health is far from complete

The economic lessons of Donald Trump’s victory

In order for genuine good to come from Trump’s win, we must dig into the economic and social angst that led so many people to choose him as their champion

The ingredients behind Canada’s overlooked manufacturing boom

The food industry is one of Canada’s top manufacturing sectors, but we need to attract more foreign investment to keep it growing. Here’s how.

Why government must play a role in attracting foreign investment

It’s dangerously naïve to think governments should not try to influence foreign companies to invest in Canada, writes Paul Boothe

Canada is a laggard at attracting investment. Here’s how to fix that.

Canada has all the talent and tools we need to win in the global competition for manufacturing investment, but it will not happen by accident.

What a rising loonie means for the manufacturing rebound

Manufacturing in Canada has gotten a big boost from the lower dollar, but with the loonie climbing again, should companies be worried?

Bombardier’s rail business’s reputation problem just got worse

A new report slams Bombardier’s performance on a London Underground contract as “shameful” but it’s far from the first transit dispute the company has faced

Canada’s non-energy provinces need to step it up

Despite the significant boost from interest rate cuts and a low dollar, non-energy provinces have failed to lift Canada’s economy

No, the TPP won’t cost Canada 20,000 auto manufacturing jobs

The claim that the TPP will lead to massive job losses in the auto sector is built on dubious assumptions, and overlooks the deal’s benefits to consumers

Your long weekend playbook

May 18: Happy Victoria Day! Plus, a boost in manufacturing and house prices, and the battles of Greek yogurt and Greek debt

5 depressing facts about Canada’s exports

It’s in the nitty gritty of what we sell to the world, where it goes—and where it doesn’t—that the shortfall in Canada’s exports is most glaring