Illustration by Selman Hosgör

Osheaga co-founder Nick Farkas has a thing for string lights

See what else Farkas splurged on in the lead-up to the festival’s return
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How Olympic sprinter Sam Effah spends his money

Now one of two chefs de mission for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Effah shares how he splits his money between work and play
Cape Breton1

How three sisters (and their mom) tried to swindle the CRA out of millions

The Saker women were the model of rural ingenuity, running a successful restaurant and gourmet food businesses on Cape Breton Island. What they were mostly cooking? The books.
(Illustration by Selman Hoşgör)

How Top Chef Canada’s Siobhan Detkavich spends her money

The 22-year-old chef shares where she saves money—and where she splurges
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Generational wealth often comes in the form of trust funds. Does it also include grocery runs?

Helping kids in ways other than handing them a pile of cash still translates into a very real advantage

Inflation is about to get way worse in 2022

Canada is headed for an economic inflation that won’t rival the double digits of the 1970s, but the experts say you’ll definitely feel it
budgeting tips (Illustration by Sam Island)

9 budgeting tips for university students

Hooray! You made it to university and you get to decide which courses to take, which clubs to join and what to eat for dinner. Also: how much money to spend.
Chart Week

The 91 most important economic charts to watch in 2018

For the fourth year in a row Maclean’s presents its year-end Chartapalooza, your guide to making sense of the economy in the year ahead
A volunteer for The Salvation Army collects money from Christmas shoppers at the Toronto Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto, Canada.

As Canadians shun cash, retailers and charities try to adjust

What happens when we don’t have coins in our pockets to make a quick donation?