June 25 2010- Bay Street looked like a very quiet Sunday morning except for a few hundred Cops up an

Canada’s mortgage market might be a cesspool, the federal government just warned

Opinion: A report quietly released by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada warns mortgage specialists are incentivized to sell mortgages that yield higher commissions, with insufficient oversight
Unkempt Property of Foreclosed Working Class Ranch Style Home

Here’s how Canadians could walk away from their homes if house prices fall

Opinion: When the U.S. housing market crashed many Americans simply abandoned their mortgages. Think that couldn’t happen here? Guess again.
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Has ’fixing’ Canada’s mortgage market made it riskier?

Tighter lending rules will send borrowers into the arms of ’alternative lenders,’ posing a whole new set of hazards

’Tis the season: Indebted Canadians pull out the plastic

Canadians are among the world’s biggest users of credit cards. We make even Americans look prudent.

The barren wasteland of Canadian statistics

The government uses Kijiji postings for labour data. Statistics in Canada are a disgrace.
Jim Flaherty

Jim Flaherty saves us from ourselves

The Finance Minister plays mortgage broker

INFOGRAPHIC: Canadians and their mortgages

Nine per cent of potential home buyers no longer qualify for a mortgage under the new rules

Canada’s housing market: is it a cooling? Is it a crash?

Here’s a guide to bullish and bearish arguments