Carl Moll’s “At the Lunch Table”, 1901, oil on canvas, 107 x 136 cm. Purchased 2018 (NGC)

The long, dark past behind the National Gallery’s latest acquisition

John Geddes: The painting shows ’a peaceful, rich life’. In reality, the Nazis murdered the painting’s Jewish owner and the artist was on the Nazi side.
My grandfather on the right, Hirsch on the left. (Courtesy of Michael Coren)

The German soccer hero who escaped the Nazis for Canada

Michael Coren: Despite being a star in his country, the great Gottfried Fuchs had to flee. He’d never forgive what happened to his teammate, Julius Hirsch.
White Supremacists March with Torches in Charlottesville

Neo-Nazis are no joke—they just want you to think they are

A style guide for a neo-Nazi publication reveals what should be obvious, writes Tabatha Southey: darkness lurks behind their self-parodying ’humour’
(Photo Illustration by Sarah MacKinnon and Richard Redditt)

The hilarious afterlife of... Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler continues to crop up in pop culture and serious history—and it says a lot about how we see evil and the past

My grandfather would have shot me: Book review

Author Jennifer Teege’s message—that dark secrets shed their toxic power when we share them—is an important one

Rounding up the Nazi minions

Prosecutors are racing to put on trial anyone who worked at a death camp, before they die

Poland’s dark hunt

New research reveals some Poles were encouraged by the Nazis to actively persecute the Jewish population

Kenny Hotz has a new job and he doesn’t care if he gets fired

A chat about his new radio show and, of course, Spenny
The making of a monster

The making of a monster

What drove Anders Breivik to commit the worst peacetime shooting spree in modern history?