I’ve only been a nurse for eight months. The chaos is killing me.

Jacelyn Wingerter is a Saskatchewan hospital nurse facing the impossible. “We have 35 beds in our department, and 100 patients needing treatment.”
nurse doctor

Health care workers may be immune to unemployment

Aging population means jobs in nursing, medicine and more
MAC51_MALE_NURSE01_wide Todd Korol

The enduring stereotype of the male nurse

The number of men in nursing schools is growing (slowly)

This degree is practically a job guarantee

And Saskatchewan may give you $20,000
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The Memory Project – Elizabeth (Betty) Dimock, Treating the wounded

’Some of the needles were not too sharp. The boys just screamed.’
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Norma Ann Wright 1941-2009

Her husband’s death pushed her to become a doctor. When patients died, she cried with the families.