Parliamentarians of the year

Parliamentarians of the Year awards 2018 in pictures

The recipients of the 2018 awards were announced on Nov. 5 in Ottawa

And the 2018 Parliamentarians of the Year are…

The recipients of the 2018 awards honouring exceptional MPs were announced on Nov. 5 in Ottawa

Nathan Cullen: The 2018 Parliamentarian of the Year

The five-term MP was twice named Best Orator and once named Most Knowledgeable before taking the top prize in 2018

Paul Dewar: The 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award winner

As the three-term former MP fights a cancer diagnosis, Maclean’s honours his contribution to Parliament

Pierre Poilievre: From smart aleck to smart fellow

Poilievre’s 14 years in the House of Commons have trained him to hammer away on a particular point—but always in simple terms

Gérard Deltell: An orator who needs no script

Once the House’s Rising Star, the animated Deltell is the first-ever Francophone named Best Orator

Richard Martel: The bench boss who found a new team

Nobody has won a parliamentarian of the year award faster than Martel, who was only elected in June. Talk about a rising star.

Chrystia Freeland: The minister of being everywhere at once

Voted this year’s hardest-working MP, Freeland spent most of the past year effectively doing two ministerial jobs at the same time

Georgina Jolibois: The voice of the remote, fly-in outpost

Georgina Jolibois has to cover a lot of ground in northern Saskatchewan to represent her constituents. Her colleagues in Ottawa appear to have noticed.

Monique Pauzé: The feisty teacher in the House

A former career as a schoolteacher prepared Pauzé for the raucousness of partisan Ottawa—where the Most Collegial MP has managed to build real working relationships

Terry Beech: The perpetual door-knocker

The 2018 winner for Best Civic Outreach says he’s visited every house in his riding three times—and adds to the tally every weekend he’s home

Judy Sgro: Ottawa’s helping hand

Sgro has won Best Mentor both times its been awarded—a consequence of a political career full of wisdom for newcomers