PC party

Doug Ford

How Doug Ford did it

Inside the chaotic Ontario election campaign and the last-ditch effort that put the controversial PC leader in the premier’s office
Doug Ford

’My friends, help is here.’ Doug Ford wins a majority in Ontario.

In a wild election crammed with plot twists, the PC leader delivered a dominant victory with promises of prosperity but not much of a plan
Patrick Brown

The doggedness of Patrick Brown

Paul Wells: He’s a detail-oriented politician who doesn’t give up and it’s going to cause his party trouble if he remains a candidate for his old job
Patrick Brown

Ontario PC Party president Rick Dykstra resigns after sexual assault accusation

The Conservative Party was made aware of the allegation against the then federal MP, but it decided to let him run in the 2015 election

Hudak would manipulate students through loans

Prof. Pettigrew on the Ontario PC Party’s plan