Perimeter Institute

How to inspire young women to careers in STEM: Watch the live-stream

Watch an array of speakers and panelists discuss women in STEM, live at Waterloo’s Perimeter Institute, on Mar. 8 at 9 AM ET

Perimeter Public Lecture: A new vision of how gravity might work

Scientists are questioning the very nature of space, time, and gravity—and you can get a front row seat for the debate, live on Oct. 4 at 7 PM ET

Perimeter Public Institute: The lessons and legacy of Star Trek

Watch a Perimeter Institute panel discuss why science without creativity is highly illogical, live on Jun. 14 at 8:30 PM ET

Perimeter Public Lecture live: The blues of black holes

In this month’s Perimeter Public Lecture, Janna Levin discusses finding music in science, on May 3 at 7 PM ET

Perimeter Lecture Live: Building the world’s best telescope?

Watch Amber Straughn discuss the construction of the James Webb Space Telescope—the Hubble’s heir—on Wednesday at 7 PM ET

WATCH: Why science needs its stumbles and fumbles

Mistakes happen to everyone—even science’s top minds. Watch Perimeter Institute’s last lecture of the season, live today at 7 p.m. ET

Live from the Perimeter Institute: Climate change and chaos theory

Watch award-winning physicist Tim Palmer deliver a lecture on how supercomputing can forecast climate change on May 4 at 7pm ET

How Asimina Arvanitaki will explain the universe

Asimina Arvanitaki on being named the first female research chair at the Perimeter Institute and navigating a male dominated field

Perimeter Live: Nobel laureate Art McDonald on underground learning

Watch the Nobel Laureate’s lecture on his work on April 13, at 7 pm ET

Live from the Perimeter Institute: The dark side of the universe

Watch our stream of the Perimeter Public Lecture as theoretical cosmologist Katherine Freese discusses what we know about mysterious dark matter

Watch: Understanding the biggest physics discovery in decades

Scientists may have proven Einstein’s last unproven theory. Watch Perimeter Institute panel right here at 1pm ET to understand why this changes the game

Live from the Perimeter Institute: The heroism of medical isotopes

Watch our stream of the Perimeter Public Lecture as TRIUMF’s Paul Schaffer discusses innovations in needed medical isotopes