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Why Canada might just need a tenant revolution 

A Q&A with housing researcher Ricardo Tranjan 
Tao (left) and Schofield outside their Vancouver apartment building; the friends are fighting evictions in the city’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood (Photograph by Alana Paterson)

Renters across Canada are banding together to fight high housing costs and evictions

The pandemic has brought tensions over the decades-long housing crisis in Canada’s cities to a boiling point

Will Canada respect its renters now?

Max Fawcett: The government needs to acknowledge that the political relevance and cultural value of renters are important. That means creating a short-term shelter subsidy of $1,000 per month right now.

Frank Lloyd Wright—for rent

Check out the starchitect-designed structures available for your next vacation
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Ottawa condo bans student renters

But Carleton student fights back
Three’s company

Why home ownership is becoming passé in Britain

High prices mean that many younger Brits will flat-share well into their adult lives
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Can I crash at your place?

A new start-up is connecting people who want to rent their homes to strangers
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Police issue warning to students about rental fraud

Scam making the rounds at U of Waterloo