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Harvey Weinstein In Court For Arraignment Over New Indictment For Sexual Assault

The first crop of #MeToo books reflect the movement’s complexity

The meme unleashed discussion of gendered inequities, including the continuing wage gap and the nature of consent
Senator Franken Quits Senate Amid Turmoil Over Misconduct Allegations

The debate over the Al Franken case reveals #MeToo’s touchy divide

Anne Kingston: We’re watching the emergence of a dangerous ’bad-enough-to-report’ threshold before women (or men) should be taken seriously

Inside the first year of #MeToo

So far, the movement has toppled celebrities, shaken institutions and challenged the way society views sexual assault. And it’s only just begun.

Why a federal #MeToo law won’t be enforced any time soon

Ottawa made a big show of taking on workplace harassment. But its new legislation is full of blanks and a year and a half from coming into force.

Steven Galloway wins $167,000 decision against UBC over harm to his reputation

’It was a painful, wrenching shock’: The award-winning author speaks about being shunned by colleagues and fired by the university even though accusations of sexual assault against him were not substantiated

These women left politics because of harassment. Here’s how they’re fighting it now

The co-founders of the Young Women’s Leadership Network have created a resource for political parties on how to navigate claims of harassment and assault
Erin Weir

Q&A: MP Erin Weir on Jagmeet Singh kicking him out of the NDP

The MP said he accepts the finding that he made women uncomfortable in social situations, and hopes Singh will ’come to his senses’
Left to right: Bardish Chagger, Karen Vecchio, Nikki Ashton, Patty Hajdu, Catherine McKenna, Marilyn Gladu, and Elizabeth May. (Photograph by Jessica Deeks)

Sexual harassment has long festered on the Hill. Now, female MPs from all parties are saying ‘enough’

From cabinet ministers to volunteers, dozens of women say sexual harassment and violence on Parliament Hill have gone unchecked for too long
Elizabeth Renzetti

Elizabeth Renzetti on how feminism is changing in the age of #MeToo

The author of ’Shrewed’ contends we’re at a historic moment in gender relations, and there’s no going back
Marie Henein

Marie Henein, former Ghomeshi laywer, says #MeToo is a ’necessary social awakening’

In an address at the University of Toronto, the polarizing criminal defence lawyer gave her thoughts on the pressures placed on working women