Spending Diary


How musician Tegan Quin spends her money

A vocal coach, seaplane ride and Thai food are all part of the budget for the Tegan and Sara pop star
Illustration by Selman Hosgör

How Canadian comedian Ola Dada spends his money

Donair burgers, bright-yellow Crocs and pre-show haircuts are all in the budget for Dada
Illustration by Selman Hosgör

Osheaga co-founder Nick Farkas has a thing for string lights

See what else Farkas splurged on in the lead-up to the festival’s return
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How Olympic sprinter Sam Effah spends his money

Now one of two chefs de mission for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Effah shares how he splits his money between work and play
(Illustration by Selman Hoşgör)

How Top Chef Canada’s Siobhan Detkavich spends her money

The 22-year-old chef shares where she saves money—and where she splurges