Illustration by Selman Hosgör

How Canadian comedian Ola Dada spends his money

Donair burgers, bright-yellow Crocs and pre-show haircuts are all in the budget for Dada
Illustration by Selman Hosgör

Osheaga co-founder Nick Farkas has a thing for string lights

See what else Farkas splurged on in the lead-up to the festival’s return
spending diary_august collage_final

How Olympic sprinter Sam Effah spends his money

Now one of two chefs de mission for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Effah shares how he splits his money between work and play

The Cost: One week of groceries in Toronto’s Kensington Market

This bike courier delivers for two food delivery apps, but earnings of $800-1200 per month means his budget is stretched thin
Kathleen Wynne

Kathleen Wynne’s re-election bid is off to a bad start

Jen Gerson: When you are seen to run a financially undisciplined nanny state, a pre-election spending spree is a bad idea
Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

Economy strength fuels calls for rate hike

Econ-o-metric: Hockey playoffs help push April gains, bolsters signs of recovery
Statcan Household Debt 20161214

Drowning in debt is the new normal in Canada

An expert in consumer insolvency describes what it’s like on the front lines of Canada’s worsening household debt crisis

American finds austerity (the charts)

The U.S. did not have to destroy its economy to accomplish this incredible fiscal improvement
Student Protests;

Quebec and students: worse than you think

Patriquin: there’s a normalcy to all this Gong Show-iness

The Bull Meter: Stephen Harper on ministerial budgets

Are cuts to ministerial spending just creative accounting?