summer camp

Here’s to you, swim instructors and daycamp counsellors—the heroes of summer

By shepherding and teaching children, swimming instructors and camp counsellors spend their summers providing little acts of kindness and love

Justin Trudeau should read the Charter of Rights

Stephen Maher: The Liberals are choosing to play politics with summer camp funding, and taking a stupid legal risk in the process

James and the Giant Poo

James and the Giant Poo

Ah, the sweet rhapsodic letter home from an appreciative child at camp

Summer camp, Tea Party style

Summer camp, Tea Party style

What better way to build lasting memories than with a group reading of Atlas Shrugged?


Nostalgia is for dummies

I’m trying to keep in mind all the nasty things childhood entails.

What the summer camp nurse saw

From 2009: City-hospital life didn’t prepare Tilda Shalof for wilderness seizures and homesick hearts


Megapundit: Free trade in chicken eggs or bust!

Must-reads: Jeffrey Simpson on trade hypocrisy; Gary Mason on aboriginal progress in the Yukon; Andrew Cohen on summer camp.

Should you send your child to camp?

From 1958: An anxious parent reports the results of a month-long investigation into camp life, back when it cost $60 for two weeks