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Newsmaker of the day: Ezra Levant’s new project

Sun News’s biggest star rises again, with his crowd-funded plans for a new media outlet, The Rebel

The sun is setting on cable news

Sun News never really had a chance. Colby Cosh explains why.

David Akin: In defence of Sun News

Sun Media’s national bureau chief weighs in on what was missing from coverage of Sun News Network’s demise

We need more discordant voices in the media

From Ezra Levant to Heather Mallick, it’s easy and important to find dissenting views in media coverage—but odds are you won’t, writes Scott Gilmore

Why Sun News failed

It was Fox News without the budget or the talent, writes Jaime J. Weinman
Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford

Oprah Winfrey never approached Doug and Rob Ford about a show

Doug Ford said Oprah pitched a reality show to the brothers. Winfrey’s people say this isn’t true.

CRTC set to rule on Sun News Network

Conservative news station wants mandatory spot in satellite and cable packages
Ezra Levant, Friday December 21, 2012

Ezra Levant apologizes for Roma comments, and faces his boss, on air

Apology comes as Sun News Network seeks spot on basic cable

The boy in the burka

Sun News dressed a minor in a burka and sent him to the liquor store, for some reason.
Big mouths, small-town look

Sun News Network’s big mouths, small-town look

If Sun News hopes to compete with Fox, it needs to up its production values