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To tackle the scourge of housing unaffordability, older, wealthier homeowners need to chip in

The problem with Trudeau’s high road

Paul Wells: The Liberals can’t seem to resist claiming moral superiority. But on their tax reforms, it’s not totally clear what side they’re on.

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Opinion: Doctors are howling over Bill Morneau’s proposed closing of tax loopholes—but few of them would actually be significantly affected

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Colorado gold rush

In the land of retail marijuana, the real green is destined for the state

Have Conservatives won the tax debate?

Thomas Mulcair is criticized from the left


Thomas Mulcair on taxes

The NDP leader refuses to target the rich


‘I would consider raising the GST but only if needed’

Amid all else on Friday afternoon, Martha Hall Findlay released a statement to explain her views on the GST.


Who wants to raise the GST?

Former Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay does, apparently.