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Census NHS 20130502

Something of a compromise on the census?

The long-form census isn’t coming back, but the short-form census might be more useful
Census NHS 20130502

Two days to save the long-form census

Ted Hsu: ’The fight over this bill is a fight over the soul of this country’
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Un-muzzle the scientists?: Critics say "Yes, please"

Government scientists should be free to speak directly, and through journalists, say critics. Andrew Leach responds.
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On whether or not to boycott the Sochi Olympics

At the intersection of sports, politics and human rights
Justin Trudeau, Martin Cauchon, Karen McCrimmon, Joyce Murray, Martha Hall Findlay, George Takach, Deborah Coyne, David Bertschi

Ted Hsu now supports Joyce Murray

Liberal MP wants to explore cooperation
Brent Rathgeber

Being Brent Rathgeber

He’s just an MP with a blog

Voting on Bill C-45: So much standing, sitting and signing of Christmas cards

Aaron Wherry’s formerly live blog from a long night in the House