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Women in the real world, not Angelina Jolie, give meaning to summit

Anne Kingston: Marquee names at Women in the World do what host Tina Brown’s celebrity magazine covers once did: make you buy the issue so you’ll read the more interesting stories inside
Justin Trudeau Tina Brown

Watch live: Justin Trudeau at the Women in the World Canada Summit

The Prime Minister will be speaking with Tina Brown at the Toronto conference around 1 pm ET
Eighth Annual Women In The World Summit

Why a fancy, feel-good women’s summit is what the world needed

Women of power, influence and—yes—privilege gathered recently in Manhattan. As Anne Kingston writes, their show of strength could not be more timely.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Clinton appears on stage at the Women in the World Summit

Hillary finally talks: ’As an American, I’m pretty worried’

In her first post-election interview, Clinton gave insight into Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad—and her own ’devastating’ loss to Trump
Justin Trudeau Tina Brown

Justin Trudeau takes his greatest feminist hits to Broadway

The PM stuck to familiar notes during his appearance at the Women in the World Summit, but it was music to the ears of his audience