Interview: Justin Trudeau

The Liberal leader talks to Maclean’s


Justin Trudeau Earlier this week, I spoke with Justin Trudeau over the phone while the Liberal leader was in Vancouver. I asked him about the government’s tax-relief measures, the federal budget, the controversial allegations against two Liberal MPs, democratic reform, ISIS and the Energy East pipeline. Below is the complete audio of that interview.

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Interview: Justin Trudeau

  1. Best interview of Trudeau I heard to date, and they weren’t all puffball or scripted questions like the Harper interviews, whether you liked the answers or not. If the MSM thinks this guy is going to roll over in the next election debate, I think they are going to be in for a surprise. That’s all Trudeau needs, is the all the right people around him in order to help him tap into his real abilities, which is become PM in the next election.

  2. you can promise to be whatever a PM all you want….it is very good,but I still would like to hear concrete policy (domestic & international) from you JT…and also your commitment that the policies will stick after you are elected

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