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Apologies to the astronaut

Paul Calandra says sorry to Marc Garneau


NDP MP Dan Harris challenged the government on Friday on the subject of Marc Garneau’s not being invited to a celebration of the Canadarm. Paul Calandra, parliamentary secretary to the heritage minister, was rather dismissive in response.

This afternoon, Mr. Calandra took a moment to apologize.


Apologies to the astronaut

  1. Why did he agree to make the comment in the first place? What to make of it all?

  2. Weird how he is given a standing ovation for his apology. Isn’t an apology the least that could be expected after such snide behaviour.
    It’s like giving a kid a candy bar for tidying up their room; that should be expected shouldn’t it?

    Ah how times of changed, good behaviour used to be the norm, now it’s so rare it gets rewarded.

    • I noticed the back benchers rose first, and then saw Clement and Finley get up too. The whole thing begs the question whether he was actually whipped to make the statement, doubtful, or had some serious complaints from constituents when he got home for the weekend. It’s a weird incident.

      • Planned spontaneity from the Party of no-imagination??
        Say it ain’t so.

  3. With the CSA denying having any control over the guest list this is the Conservatives at their micro managing, anal retentive best. If Liberal Mauril Belanger, in whose riding the Canada Aviation and Space Museum is located, couldn’t merit an invite, there wasn’t a hope in hell that the man most responsible for repatriating the Canada Arm, would get one either. Truly pathetic.

  4. How does excluding Garneau fit in with their new interest in Canadian history?