How many votes are in play?


By my count, 65,108 votes were cast on the first ballot. Subtracting the advance vote of 55,659, that leaves 9,449 votes cast this weekend.

Update 11:16am. Romeo Saganash dropped out after advance ballots were distributed, so his name still appeared as an option on the first ballot. I’m told that any votes for Mr. Saganash on the first ballot were treated as spoiled ballots. The second choices on those ballots will now be counted and so the total vote will increase. By how much, I don’t know.


How many votes are in play?

  1. I wonder if vote total will increase now – people like to vote for winner, maybe more dippers will vote now there is clear choice between 2 or 3 candidates. And people in BC are just starting to wake up so maybe some unexpected support for Cullen next round?

    Not for first time, but I am amazed by internet again today. I have to work this morning and I am in contact with people scattered around planet, following football and NDP election results, and finding out how to keep squirrels away from my freshly planted onions without resorting to violence.

    • Try sprinkling cayenne pepper around them.

      • Thank you, good timing. I am just going outside to deal with onions and cayenne powder is good start in my battle with squirrels. I hope I don’t have to escalate to fox urine or dog poop but we shall see. 

        • My daughter uses it to stop her coon hound from digging up basically everything.  She only got her nose into once and now if he senses it at all she keeps away.  I think she gets big jars of it at Costco.  You don’t need to use much but if it rains you need to reapply it again. 

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