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The latest budget bill draws aboriginal protests.

Chantal Chagnon, an aboriginal singer and drummer originally from the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, said the omnibus bill violates First Nations’ treaty rights as well as human rights. “We’re fed up,” Chagnon said. “This new bill coming in, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Regena Crowchild, a treaty consultant with the Tsuu T’ina nation, said the government hasn’t consulted with First Nations groups on the legislation that affects them. “They’re not giving us proper opportunity to address our concerns or talk to them about it,” Crowchild said. “They want to amend the Indian Act without consulting us. All this legislation is just moving towards making us ordinary Canadians with no treaty rights.”

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett and the NDP’s Jean Crowder pressed the government on this yesterday in QP.



  1. 2 paragraphs about a nation wide movement which brought out thousands??? That’s some lazy reporting.

  2. WOWWWW. 2 paragraphs? Just keep them to yourself next time. How do you guys even call yourselves a credible source? Shame on you.

  3. This story is getting lots of coverage on APTN, which i suppose most Canadians either don’t get or don’t watch. That’s a pity.
    My, my! I thought the govt said they had consulted provinces, municipalities , mayors, all the way through to business associations, in order to get a green light. Somehow they overlooked FNs…what a surprise, not!
    This will end badly for the govt, if it pushes through. As far as i know FNs are batting somewhere around 100% on constitutional and treaty matters that have made their way before the SCoC. Good luck with that!
    It’s a sad day for Canada when our last line of defense for the environment in the face of a rogue majority govt are the original peoples. Thank goodness they care enough to get out and say so.

  4. My disgust will show if I say too much…agree w others…’this’ is a report? – news magazine article, yup that’s some deep in depth reporters you’ve got; I guess like all other movements in the ‘free’ world we will have to wait for the International Press to start coming in. 15 cities, thousands of aboriginal people-with another million starting to ask, hey what’s up, we can add this magazine as a non starter. (In other news today, off to the side we have a poll asking how excited are we about a royal baby?…right…you know you guys are becoming a laughing stock right- such a shame) Who owns and controls MacLeans now?