Joe Oliver on climate change: ‘Scientists have recently told us that our fears are exaggerated’

The Natural Resources Minister explains his perspective


The Natural Resources Minister talks to La Presse.

“I think that people aren’t as worried as they were before about global warming of two degrees,” Oliver said in an editorial board interview with Montreal daily newspaper, La Presse. “Scientists have recently told us that our fears (on climate change) are exaggerated.” Oliver was not able to identify which scientists he was using as a source, the newspaper reported.

Less than four years ago, Stephen Harper identified climate change as a profound threat.

In the interests of time, allow me to focus my remarks this afternoon on the fight against climate change, perhaps the biggest threat to confront the future of humanity today.

Canada may be a small contributor to global warming – our greenhouse gas emissions represent just 2% of the earth’s total – but we owe it to future generations to do whatever we can to address this world problem.

Last year, the NDP’s Megan Leslie tested Mr. Oliver’s views on climate change—see here, herehere and here. At the time, Mr. Oliver told the CBC that he wasn’t a “denier.”

Update 7:33pm. The Canadian Press adds some of Mr. Oliver’s comments.

In an editorial board meeting with La Presse in Montreal, Oliver cited scientists who say that fear of climate change has been exaggerated. His comments were confirmed through a transcription of that part of the meeting, provided to The Canadian Press on Friday by Oliver’s spokesman.

“I did not say that there is no problem, and I do not say that others (scientists) have said that there is no problem. Instead, they say there is a big problem. But now they say that the problem is not so urgent that they previously thought. Maybe it will take more time,” Oliver said, according to his spokesman. “But … I do not deny the problem, which is a fundamental problem.”


Joe Oliver on climate change: ‘Scientists have recently told us that our fears are exaggerated’

  1. Finally! If this government doesn’t believe in climate change, it should be up front about it.

    • Interesting comment you make. I could not find where Minister Oliver says that he does not believe in climate change.

      Would you enlighten us all and tell us where you’ve found that Oliver has said he, or this government, does not believe in climate change?

      • Sorry, F. I’ll spell it out for you.

        Finally, a member of the government has stepped toward the position many (most?) have assumed that they have taken in practice, if not in words: that man-made climate change isn’t happening. If this government doesn’t believe in man-made climate change, it should be up front about it.

        • Actually, what you are spelling out, or are trying to spell out for me, is just your personal interpretation of the words spoken by others (Ministers, MP’s and/or party members).

          The words spoken by the minister does not say that he does not believe in climate change, nor does he say that climate change is not man made. What he does say is that some scientists believe that the climate change danger is overrated.

          Maybe you should just admit that putting words in other people’s mouths is your replacement for wanting to know what has really been said.

          Sorry, but one individual is not capable yet to set the world to one’s hand. I feel for you believing that it could be done.

          • Don’t you think the minister’s belief that global warming is exaggerated might be something that influences government policy? I do. Crazy, I know.

          • OH, we are talking influence over government policy now.

            Of course, the reason this government won’t slap on a carbon tax or won’t introduce cap&trade is because if the US won’t do it (and they won’t) then why should we levy a tax which in essence does nothing to eliminate the problem.

            Some scientists are suggesting now that the danger of climate change is over estimated and therefore no instant remedy needs to be implemented to try and stop the CO2 emissions from going over board.

            There will be life after all, and I am a believer that adaptation practiced will be much wiser than trying to fool the public with taxes which won’t stop any further CO2 emissions in any case.

            I am a realist, not a faker.

          • “Some scientists are suggesting now that the danger of climate change is over estimated…”

            Oddly, Joe Oliver was unable to provide the names of these scientists. I’m sure you can, however.

            ” then why should we levy a tax which in essence does nothing to eliminate the problem.”

            Indeed. And why should you stop tossing garbage out of your car window as long as other people are still doing it. Your stopping won’t eliminate the problem.

          • Why would Oliver make mention of the scientists in question? We all know that as soon as such scientists are named, they will be discredited by the likes of you. Why bother….

            Oh, and btw, has Justin announced already whether he will implement a carbon tax? Why do you find it acceptable for Justin keep his carbon agenda hidden? What is Justin so afraid of?

            Keep throwing garbage out of the car window if that’s what you prefer. I don’t do that sort of thing regardless of what other people do. I remain true to myself.

          • Ahhh, let’s stop worrying about climate because someone who’s credibility can’t withstand scrutiny has some evidence that can’t be revealed.

          • So that’s the game being played now? Harper has to show all of his cards and Justin doesn’t, so that Justin can win at pretend poker? What a joke!

          • Ah, scientific evidence is a “card” that you can’t let anyone see.

          • You greenturds are all going to have a fit very soon………………..Obama will approve Keystone XL.

          • What we have here are two points of view:
            One that will provide links, articles and scientific data proving that man made climate change is a bullshit
            And one that will provide links, articles and scientific data proving that man made climate change is real.
            And we also have someone who enjoys calling people names like “greenturds”.
            Didn’t they teach you basic respect and civility at home?

          • Except one of the sides provides tens of thousands of peer reviewed, repeatable, verifiable studies and data from people studying the climate and the other links to an ex TV weatherman and a guy who claims to be a sitting lord even though the Lords have told him to stop doing that.
            There is no debate except via the media who think that it’ll get them more hits via the faux controversy it creates.
            The reason why Oliver can’t cite his sources is because they either don’t exist or are not that good.

          • thousands of peer reviewed, repeatable, verifiable studies and data???

            garbage in garbage out

          • my thoughts on reading this

          • I’m sure he will. I’ve never thought otherwise.
            Not sure what that has to do with scientific evidence, though.

    • Where did you get “doesn’t believe in climate change” out of Oliver’s statement? He simply said the fears of it were exaggerated. And he’s correct. In 2006, Al Gore predicted the end of the world in 10 years. Does anybody seriously believe that the earth has less than 4 years left?

      • So… the government believes in AGW, then? I think there’s gonna be a bunch of proud CPC supporters, those who think it’s all a liberal hoax, who aren’t gonna be too happy if that’s the case. Whatever, though. My bad.

        • Stop assuming you know what ‘a bunch of proud CPC supporters ‘ do or think, for you have no idea. You are just guessing.

          • You owe me a computer. I spit my beer all over my laptop after reading that. (You owe me a beer, too.)

          • Buying you a beer is fine. Tell me when and where we would drink such a pint!

            Replacement of computers I don’t do for the simple reason that when the lightbulb flicks on within your head as a result of the contents of my postings, you should have known better; showing you the light with the contents of my posts should no longer come as a surprise to you – had you paid enough attention, you should’ve known me better by now :)


      • No.

  2. Canada will do what the USA does, the Conservatives have always maintained
    this scenario, Congress and now the Senate will not pass any form of
    Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade.

    Obama will approve the Keystone XL.

    Keep dreaming AW.

  3. From 2011;

    NEW YORK — The nation’s first experiment in carbon emissions cap and
    trade has come to an end, but its mark on the climate change industry
    will be felt for some time to come.

    The second commitment period for member companies of the Chicago Climate
    Exchange ended as of Dec. 31, 2010, and there will be no new cycle to
    ring in the new year. Exchange trading in the allowances the system
    generated, known as Carbon Financial Instruments (CFIs), to meet
    emission reduction commitments ends, as well, although CFI generation
    will continue as a strictly voluntary greenhouse gas emissions offset

    Meanwhile, CCX’s sister institutions, the European Climate Exchange and
    the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange, will continue as long as there is
    corporate and state government interest in fighting climate change, even
    with the failure of cap and trade in the U.S. Congress, CCX officials

    • And an appalling percentage of the transactions on the European exchange have turned out to be fraudulent…

      • 90% of all transactions on the European exchange were shown to be fraudulent.

        • And 100% of all postings by Billy Bob are rubbish.

          • European taxpayers lose €5bn in carbon trading fraud

            • Europol says EU’s Emission Trading System in peril
            • Fraudsters could target gas and electricity markets next

            Ashley Seager
            The Guardian,
            Monday 14 December 2009

  4. The Australian March 2013: “DEBATE about the reality of a two-decade pause in global warming and what it means has made its way from the sceptical fringe to the mainstream.”

    – The Guardian Nov 2012 – “Science is broken. Psychology was rocked recently by stories of academics making up data, sometimes overshadowing whole careers. And it isn’t the only discipline with problems – the current record for fraudulent papers is held by anaesthesiologist Yoshitaka Fujii, with 172 faked articles.”


    – Washington Post March 2013 – “The numbers didn’t add up ….. His suspicions arose as reports of scientific misconduct have become more frequent and critics have questioned the willingness of universities, academic journals and the federal government, which pays for much of the work, to confront the problem …. Last year, research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the percentage of scientific articles retracted because of fraud had increased tenfold since 1975.”


  5. *Occupywallstreet does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded carbon trading stock markets ruled by corporations and trustworthy politicians.
    Only obedient fools would still believe the same lab coat consultants that gave us pesticides and that refuse to warn us that climate change crisis WILL happen, just “might” happen.
    George Carlin……..denier
    Julian Assange……….denier
    Most Liberals: “former believers”
    Science says an asteroid hit “crisis” is eventual but climate change is not as eventual as an asteroid hit, just “possible”.
    Only you goose stepping-fear mongering climate change believers and politicians said any crisis “WILL” happen and be assured that Bush admires your CO2 death threats to your own children. You doomers just hated humanity.

  6. We watch as you climate change believing fear mongers bully our children to your greenhouse gas ovens with childish glee. WE will not forget your Bush-Like-Iraq-War without a real enemy and rest assured that history will not forget your Reefer Madness; loving a planet with fear.
    Get ahead of the curve you out-dated omen worshippers and witch burners of climate blame:
    *Occupywallstreet does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded carbon trading stock markets ruled by corporations and trustworthy politicians.

  7. March 13, 2013

    WASHINGTON – A bipartisan group of U.S. senators said on Thursday
    they had introduced legislation to approve TransCanada Corp’s Keystone
    XL pipeline that would link Canada’s oil sands to refineries and ports
    in Texas.

    The legislation, introduced by John Hoeven, a North Dakota
    Republican, and Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat, would give Congress the
    power to approve the project.

    This month the State Department issued an environmental assessment of
    the line, which said the project would not cause environmental harm.
    The Obama administration is expected to make a final decision on the
    project, which has been pending for more than four years, by August or

    • March 27, 2013

      On Friday, the U.S. Senate gave the controversial Keystone XL
      pipeline its stamp of approval by passing a measure introduced by a
      Republican senator.

      The measure, introduced by Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota as an
      amendment to this year’s budget resolution, passed by an overwhelming 62
      to 37 vote, in a largely symbolic victory that suggests Congress is
      likely to approve the Keystone project later this year.

      Though the Senate’s approval is the most recent boost to the proposed
      Keystone XL pipeline, other federal bodies have also concluded in its
      favor. A recently released U.S. State Department study cast an
      overwhelmingly favorable light on the project, arguing that its
      construction would confer major economic benefits to the U.S., without
      posing severe environmental risks.

      • Voting against factual information shows a very low level of comprehension of reality.

  8. Why was it so important for this misery of climate crisis from my SUV to be real for my children? Why did you fear mongers of climate blame belief WANT this to be true?

  9. Science can say an asteroid hit crisis is real but won’t say any climate crisis from my SUV is as real as an asteroid hit crisis is.
    NEVER has the IPCC EVER said any crisis WILL happen, only might. Deny that!
    HELP MY HOUSE COULD BE ON FIRE MAYBE isn’t good enough to threaten my kids with your greenhouse gas ovens of your exaggerated crisis.

  10. What “scientists” are these, Mr. Oliver? Lord Monckton?

    • Lord Monkton has credibility, something clearly lacking in the likes of Suzuki or Gore.

      • HAHAHAHA.
        Oh wait, you’re not joking.

        • You did buy that Florida swampland didn’t you?

          • No, but I did take a course on geoclimatology. I know a positive feedback loop when I see one.

          • From what greenturd organization?

            Cracker Jack’s for Gore?

            Suzuki Sampler?

            Mann’s Matchbox and Hockey Sticks?

        • Maybe Ms.Carney is joking when she tells us (G&M) that we need to do something about global warming, while she, Ms.Carney, flies off to live in one of England’s biggest houses on the tax payer’s dime!

          What a fake world we live in. At least we have Harper for keeping us down to earth most of the time.

          • And that has what to do with global climate change?

          • It’s cold over much of the northern hemisphere, must be Glo-Bull Warming.

          • Well, if you think that people like Ms.Carney should suck and blow at the same time, that’s fine with me. I’d rather they practice what they preach!

          • You’ll have to forgive my ignorance. I neither know nor care what Mrs. Carney has to say about anything.

        • Billy Bob is obviously a performance artist spoofing a conservative commenter a la Stephen Colbert. Even a conservative wouldn’t put “Monkton(sic)” and “credibility” in the same sentence.

          I’m guessing thisis the funniest thing you’ll read today, unless you also read this.

      • Monkton has been thoroughly discredited.

    • He means the ones in the PMO. The have all studied Political Science.

  11. The popular climate models do not predict the temperature to be flat for decades at a time, but rather claim that increasing CO2 will result in temperatures increasing as fast as they did in the 1970-2000 period.

    And that’s not what’s happening. Those predictions of 0.17+ degrees per decade just aren’t coming to pass.


    In Science, theories make predictions.

    In Science, theories are tested against their predictions.

    When the predictions FAIL, theories are normally revised, re-evaluated, reconsidered, re-examined, recalculated, or just plain rejected.

    The only forces keeping the AGW alarmism theory from being abandoned are those of political correctness.

      • If CO2 really were the major driver of temperature change, the temperatures would still be rising.

        But the temperatures stagnated over a decade ago while CO2 has continued to rise.

        • If the earth’s tilt was really a driver of seasons temperatures would still be rising.

          But the temperatures stagnated over a week ago while the earth’s tilt has continued to increase.

          But seriously, it’s now been show repeatedly that your “logic” is fatally flaw, yet you continue to repeat it. The first time you can be excused as an ignorant rube, but to continue repeating what you know is bs says something less flattering about your character.

          • Lenny is like a pinball game that’s tilted.

          • When year after year after fails to involve the much beloved temperature increases of the AGW paradigm, eventually even the slowest learners and the most thickheaded of politicians will have to admit the failure of the carbon strangulation ideology.

          • You can keep repeating yourself, but you still won’t have demonstrated that global warming has stopped any more than it stopped in 2002, 1996, 1986, 1977 etc

            So tell me, do you believe that the earth’s tilt creates seasonal weather changes, or do you believe that this has been disproven because every single day of spring isn’t warmer than the day before it, despite the tilt continuing to increase every day?

  12. Theories, models, and hypotheses are only valid if they can account for all of the available data.

    It’s not enough just to be able to match the 1970-2000 warming period without considering how badly the mismatch is elsewhere in the observations.

    The popular climate models do a very poor job replicating the 1910-1940 warming, the stagnation or weak cooling that followed, and they do not even try to backcast prior to 1900 since that would make them look really really bad.

    • “Theories, models, and hypotheses are only valid if they can account for all of the available data.”

      Only God is omniscient. Oh, wait. He doesn’t exist.

      And this is not at all how the Scientific Method works

  13. The temp have already risen .8 degrees C and the ensuing result has been a worldwide climate mess – can’t wait until we had 1.2 C to that. Increased extreme weather events all around the globe are becoming more common place – droughts in the grain belts in Russia in 2010 and the US the past 2 years heightens food insecurity for billions around the world – the temps on average are already up 2 degrees C in the Arctic – for the past 4 years the Northwest Passage has been navigable in the summertime something that is unprecedented in recent history – it’s why there is a gold rush to exploit the Arctic’s resources by Canada Russia Norway Denmark and the US – We are governed by zealots and ideologues – people who don’t believe in science – like everything that comes out of this government, it is dumb and dangerous

    • And guess what: we are still alive and thriving, the 6 billion of us and then some!!

      (Have you purchased your latest gadget already? Better be quick because I hear next month the next gadget to have will appear in a store near you!)

      • Are you suggesting that the effects of climate change are costless?

        • No, I’ve never suggested anything like that. I have always maintained that it’s better to keep the economy healthy so what we can adapt to changes coming as a result of climate change.

          • Are you suggesting that taxing carbon hurts the economy more than taxing incomes? Carbon taxes are relatively benign.

          • Hey, if carbon taxes are relatively benign, let Justin tell us what he will do with it.

            Justin, are you listening? Are you for or against a carbon tax???

          • What does Justin have to do with it? Are you capable of discussing anything without making out about politicians?

          • All taxes hurt and hinder the economy.

          • Thanks for your facile and irrelevant analysis.

          • Tax and spend Leftards such as yourself prove your economic worthlessness time an time again, you must be a public sector employee;

            Between the choices of tax increases and spending cuts, which measures will hurt the economy the most?

            Over at EconLog, George Mason University’s Garett Jones provides the answer: Tax increases. He looks at an IMF paper, often used by anti-spending cuts advocates to say that spending cuts hurt the economy, to show that actually fiscal adjustment based mostly on tax increases will hurt the economy the most. Here is Jones:

            Quick summary of the method: The economists looked at 173 “fiscal consolidations” in rich countries, times when governments decided to reduce the long-run deficit. They then checked to see whether consolidations based mostly on tax hikes turned out better or worse than ones based on spending cuts (Inside baseball: They followed a version of the Romer and Romer event study methodology, but applied it to exogenous-looking fiscal tightening instead of exogenous-looking monetary tightening). . . .

            Both GDP and consumer spending tell the same story: Spending cuts are the less painful path to fiscal rectitude. When countries tried to get right with the bond markets, this IMF study found that nations that mostly raised taxes suffered about twice as much as nations that mostly cut spending.

          • You must be still be hoping for Stephane Dion to win the Liberal leadership.

          • Irrelevant. I assume you are conceding this point.

        • The climate has always changed, Glo-Bull Warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in human history.

          Those who truly believe in AGW should do their part to reduce CO2, stop exhaling.

          • Thank you for your facile and irrelevant analysis.

    • What nonsense. “Temp have already risen .8 degrees” Since when? Without context this is an utterly meaningless statement.

      Droughts have been common throughout history, as have big swings in climate. 8000 years ago, our ancestors were farming land that is now under the North Sea. That’s since the last major ice age; but the area is now under 300 feet of water. What caused that?

      As for the science; James Hanson of NASA has been one one of the leading alarmists regarding catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. A year ago, 49 of his fellow scientists at NASA published a letter stating that he was far overstating the case. That is; 98% of the scientists at NASA believe climate change fears are exaggerated.

      • Since disqus will notify you that 0.8 degrees C is since the begining of the industrial revolution when carbon ppm was at 280 – it is currently at 395 and rising dramatically – it is a greenhouse forcing gas – you know how that works right? Also there is 4% more water vapour in the atmosphere since the aforementioned period – this is also greenhouse forcing – read a book you dumb twat

    • and just what exactly are you, personely, doing about it? did you stop traveling by motorized vehicles? did you stop eating so much? did you stop breeding? or are you like david and al all talk and no action. do as i say not as i do so to speak?our problem is there are getting to be too many of us. but listen you really have nothing to worry about. if you believe in god it doesn’t matter what the climate does. if you believe in the forces of nature only, you know nature takes care of overpopulated species. so don’t worry so much. remmember science is mostly a bunch of people with a bunch of theories trying to prove them right or wrong. they really do not know as much as they say. have a nice day.

  14. Just to put an exclamation on my comment: The Arctic has seen warmer summers over the past two decades than at any time in the past 600 years, according to a study published this week in the journal Nature. http://www.climatecentral.org/news/study-arctic-summers-warmest-in-600-years-15873
    I want to see those who prevented action on Global Warming from happening in court fighting a class action suit – this includes all the oil corps and every member of the Harper government

  15. Well, I hope you’re happy now, Aaron.

  16. Failed winter climate predictions

    (The first 33 concern mostly Germany and Central Europe)

    1. “Due to global warming, the coming winters in the local regions will become milder.”

    Stefan Rahmstorf, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research, University of Potsdam, 8 Feb 2006


    2. “Milder winters, drier summers: Climate study shows a need to adapt in Saxony Anhalt.”

    Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Press Release, 10 Jan 2010.


    3. “More heat waves, no snow in the winter“ …
    “Climate models… over 20 times more precise than the UN IPCC
    global models. In no other country do we have more precise calculations
    of climate consequences. They should form the basis for political
    planning. … Temperatures in the wintertime will rise the most … there
    will be less cold air coming to Central Europe from the east. …In the
    Alps winters will be 2°C warmer already between 2021 and 2050.”

    Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 2 Sept 2008.


    4. “The new Germany will be characterized by dry-hot summers and warm-wet winters.“

    Wilhelm Gerstengarbe and Peter Werner, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), 2 March 2007


    5. “Clear climate trends are seen from the computer
    simulations. Foremost the winter months will be warmer all over
    Germany. Depending of CO2 emissions, temperatures will rise by up to
    4°C, in the Alps by up to 5°C.”Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 7 Dec 2009.


    6. “In summer under certain conditions the
    scientists reckon with a complete melting of the Arctic sea ice. For
    Europe we expect an increase in drier and warmer summers. Winters on the
    other hand will be warmer and wetter.”

    Erich Roeckner, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg, 29 Sept 2005.


    7. “The more than ‘unusually‘ warm January
    weather is yet ‘another extreme event’, ‘a harbinger of the winters that
    are ahead of us’. … The global temperature will ‘increase every year by

    Michael Müller, Socialist, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Environment, in Die Zeit, 15 Jan 2007


    8. “Harsh winters likely will be more seldom and
    precipitation in the wintertime will be heavier everywhere. However, due
    to the milder temperatures, it’ll fall more often as rain than as

    Online-Atlas of the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft, 2010

    9. “We’ve mostly had mild winters in which only a
    few cold months were scattered about, like January 2009. This winter is a
    cold outlier, but that doesn’t change the picture as a whole. Generally
    it’s going to get warmer, also in the wintertime.”

    Gerhard Müller-Westermeier, German Weather Service (DWD), 26 Jan 2010


    10. “Winters with strong frost and lots of snow like we had 20 years ago will cease to exist at our latitudes.”

    Mojib Latif, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 1 April 2000


    11. “Good bye winter. Never again snow?”

    Spiegel, 1 April 2000


    12. “In the northern part of the continent there
    likely will be some benefits in the form of reduced cold periods and
    higher agricultural yields. But the continued increase in temperatures
    will cancel off these benefits. In some regions up to 60 percent of the
    species could die off by 2080.”

    3Sat, 26 June 2003


    13. “Although the magnitude of the trends shows
    large variation among different models, Miller et al. (2006) find that
    none of the 14 models exhibits a trend towards a lower NAM index and
    higher arctic SLP.”

    IPCC 2007 4AR, (quoted by Georg Hoffmann)


    14. “Based on the rising temperature, less snow
    will be expected regionally. While currently 1/3 of the precipitation in
    the Alps falls as snow, the snow-share of precipitation by the end of
    the century could end up being just one sixth.”

    Germanwatch, Page 7, Feb 2007


    15. “Assuming there will be a doubling of CO2 in
    the atmosphere, as is projected by the year 2030. The consequences could
    be hotter and drier summers, and winters warmer and wetter. Such a
    warming will be proportionately higher at higher elevations – and
    especially will have a powerful impact on the glaciers of the Firn


    ” The ski areas that reliably have snow will shift
    from 1200 meters to 1500 meters elevation by the year 2050; because of
    the climate prognoses warmer winters have to be anticipated.”

    Scinexx Wissenschaft Magazin, 26 Mar 2002


    16. “Yesterday’s snow … Because temperatures in the
    Alps are rising quickly, there will be more precipitation in many
    places. But because it will rain more often then it snows, this will be
    bad news for tourists. For many skilifts this means the end of

    Daniela Jacob, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 8 Aug 2006


    17. “Spring will begin in January starting in 2030.”

    Die Welt, 30 Sept 2010


    18. “Ice, snow, and frost will disappear, i.e.
    milder winters” … “Unusually warm winters without snow and ice are now
    being viewed by many as signs of climate change.” Schleswig Holstein NABU, 10 Feb 2007


    19. “Good bye winter… In the northern hemisphere
    the deviations are much greater according to NOAA calculations, in some
    areas up to 5°C. That has consequences says DWD meteorologist
    Müller-Westermeier: When the snowline rises over large areas, the bare
    ground is warmed up even more by sunlight. This amplifies global
    warming. A process that is uncontrollable – and for this reason
    understandably arouses old childhood fears: First the snow disappears,
    and then winter.”

    Die Zeit, 16 Mar 2007


    20. “Warm in the winter, dry in the summer … Long,
    hard winters in Germany remain rare: By 2085 large areas of the Alps and
    Central German Maountains will be almost free of snow. Because air
    temperatures in winter will rise more quickly than in summer, there will
    be more precipitation. ‘However, much of it will fall as rain,’ says
    Daniela Jacob of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology.”

    FOCUS, 24 May 2006


    21. “Consequences and impacts for regional
    agriculture: Hotter summers, milder + shorter winters (palm trees!).
    Agriculture: More CO2 in the air, higher temperatures, foremost in

    Dr. Michael Schirmer, University of Bremen, presentation of 2 Feb 2007


    22. “Winters: wet + mild”

    Bavarian State Ministry for Agriculture, presentation 23 Aug 2007


    23. “The climate model prognoses currently indicate
    that the following climate changes will occur: Increase in minimum
    temperatures in the winter.”

    Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony Date: 6 July 2009


    24. “Both the prognoses for global climate
    development and the prognoses for the climatic development of
    the Fichtel Mountains clearly show a warming of the average temperature,
    whereby especially the winter months will be greatly impacted.”

    Willi Seifert, University of Bayreuth, diploma thesis, p. 203, 7 July 2004


    25. “Already in the year 2025 the conditions for
    winter sports in the Fichtel Mountains will develop negatively,
    especially with regards to ‘natural’ snow conditions and for so-called
    snow-making potential. A financially viable ski business operation after
    about the year 2025 appears under these conditions to be extremely
    improbable (Seifert, 2004)”.

    Andreas Matzarakis, University of Freiburg Meteorological Institute, 26 July 2006


    26. “Skiing among palm trees? … For this reason I
    would advise no one in the Berchtesgadener Land to invest in a ski-lift.
    The probability of earning money with the global warming is getting
    less and less.”

    Hartmut Graßl, Director Emeritus, Max Planck-Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, page 3, 4 Mar 2006


    27. “Climate warming leads to an increasingly
    higher snow line. The number of future ski resorts that can be expected
    to have snow is reducing. […] Climate change does not only lead to
    higher temperatures, but also to changes in the precipitation ratios in
    summer and winter. […] In the wintertime more precipitation is to be
    anticipated. However, it will fall more often as rain, and less often as
    snow, in the future.”

    Hans Elsasser, Director of the Geographical Institute of the University of Zurich, 4 Mar 2006


    28. “All climate simulations – global and regional –
    were carried out at the Deutschen Klimarechenzentrum [German Climate
    Simulation Center]. […] In the winter months the temperature rise is
    from 1.5°C to 2°C and stretches from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea.
    Only in regions that are directly influenced by the Atlantic (Great
    Britain, Portugal, parts of Spain) will the winter temperature increase
    be less (Fig. 1).”

    Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Press Release, Date: December 2007/Januar 2013.


    29. “By the year 2050 … temperatures will rise 1.5 C
    to 2.5°C (summer) and 3°C (winter). … in the summer it will rain up to
    40% less and in the winter up to 30% more.

    German Federal Department of Highways, 1 Sept 2010


    30. “We are now at the threshold of making reliable statements about the future.“

    Daniela Jacob, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, page 44, 10/2001


    31. “The scenarios of climate scientitsts are
    unanimous about one thing: In the future in Germany we will have to live
    with drier and drier summers and a lot more rain in the winters.”

    Gerhard Müller-Westermeier, German Weather Service (DWD), 20 May 2010


    32. “In the wintertime the winds will be more from
    the west and will bring storms to Germany. Especially in western and
    southern Germany there will be flooding.“ FOCUS / Mojib Latif, Leibniz Institute for Ocean Sciences of the University of Kiel, 27 May 2006.


    33. “While the increases in the springtime appear
    as rather modest, the (late)summer and winter months are showing an
    especially powerful warming trend.“

    State Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Geology, Saxony, p. 133, Schriftenreihe Heft 25/2009.


    34. “Warm Winters Result From Greenhouse Effect, Columbia Scientists Find, Using NASA Model …

    Despite appearing as part of a natural climate oscillation, the large
    increases in wintertime surface temperatures over the continents may
    therefore be attributable in large part to human activities,”

    Science Daily, Dr. Drew Shindell 4 June 1999


    35. “Within a few years winter snowfall
    will become a very rare and exciting event. … Children just aren’t going
    to know what snow is.”

    David Viner, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, 20 March 2000


    36. “This data confirms what many gardeners believe
    – winters are not as hard as they used to be. … And if recent trends
    continue a white Christmas in Wales could certainly be a thing of the

    BBC, Dr Jeremy Williams, Bangor University, Lecturer in Geomatics, 20 Dec 2004


    37. The rise in temperature associated
    with climate change leads to a general reduction in the proportion of
    precipitation falling as snow, and a consequent reduction in many areas
    in the duration of snow cover.”

    Global Environmental Change, Nigel W. Arnell, Geographer, 1 Oct 1999


    38. “Computer models predict that the temperature
    rise will continue at that accelerated pace if emissions of
    heat-trapping gases are not reduced, and also predict that warming will
    be especially pronounced in the wintertime.”

    Star News, William K. Stevens, New York Times, 11 Mar 2000


    39. “In a warmer world, less winter
    precipitation falls as snow and the melting of winter snow occurs
    earlier in spring. Even without any changes in precipitation intensity,
    both of these effects lead to a shift in peak river runoff to winter and
    early spring, away from summer and autumn.”

    Nature, T. P. Barnett et. al., 17 Nov 2005


    40. “We are beginning to approximate the kind of warming you should see in the winter season.”

    Star News, Mike Changery, National Climatic Data Center, 11 Mar 2000


    41. “Milder winter temperatures will
    decrease heavy snowstorms but could cause an increase in freezing rain
    if average daily temperatures fluctuate about the freezing point.”

    IPCC Climate Change, 2001


    42. “Global climate change is likely to be
    accompanied by an increase in the frequency and intensity of heat waves,
    as well as warmer summers and milder winters…9.4.2. Decreased Mortality
    Resulting from Milder Winters … One study estimates a decrease in
    annual cold-related deaths of 20,000 in the UK by the 2050s (a reduction
    of 25%)”

    IPCC Climate Change, 2001


    43. “The lowest winter temperatures are likely to
    increase more than average winter temperature in northern Europe. …The
    duration of the snow season is very likely to shorten in all of Europe,
    and snow depth is likely to decrease in at least most of Europe.”

    IPCC Climate Change, 2007


    44. “Snowlines are going up in
    altitude all over the world. The idea that we will get less snow is
    absolutely in line with what we expect from global warming.”

    WalesOnline, Sir John Houghton – atmospheric physicist, 30 June 2007


    45. “In the UK wetter winters are expected which
    will lead to more extreme rainfall, whereas summers are expected to get
    drier. However, it is possible under climate change that there could be
    an increase of extreme rainfall even under general drying.”

    Telegraph, Dr. Peter Stott, Met Office, 24 July 2007


    46. “Winter has gone forever and we should officially bring spring forward instead. … There
    is no winter any more despite a cold snap before Christmas. It is
    nothing like years ago when I was younger. There is a real problem with
    spring because so much is flowering so early year to year.”

    Express, Dr Nigel Taylor, Curator of Kew Gardens, 8 Feb 2008



    Oh, just one more:

    47. “The past is no longer a guide to the future. We no longer have a stationary climate,”…

    Independent, Dr. Peter Stott, Met Office, 27 Jul 2007


    New entries, thanks to readers!

    48. (h/t Paul M) “It is consistent with the climate
    change message. It is exactly what we expect winters to be like – warmer
    and wetter, and dryer and hotter summers. …the winter we have just seen
    is consistent with the type of weather we expect to see more and more
    in the future.”

    Wayne Elliott, Met Office meteorologist, BBC, 27 Feb 2007


    49. ” If your decisions depend on what’s happening at
    these very fine scales of 25 km or even 5 km resolution then you
    probably shouldn’t be making irreversible investment decisions now.”

    Myles Allen, “one of the UK’s leading climate modellers”, Oxford University, 18 June 2009


    50. “It’s great that the government has decided to put
    together such a scientifically robust analysis of the potential impacts
    of climate change in the UK.”

    Keith Allott, WWF-UK, 18 June 2009


    51. (h/t: John Shade) ”The data collected by experts
    from the university [of Bangor] suggests that a white Christmas on
    Snowdon – the tallest mountain in England and Wales – may one day become
    no more than a memory.”

    BBC News, 20 Dec 2004

    [BBC 2013: “Snowdon Mountain Railway will be shut over the Easter weekend after it was hit by 30ft (9.1m) snow drifts.”]


    52. (h/t: AngusPangus) “Spring is arriving earlier each year as a result of climate change, the first ‘conclusive proof’ that global warming is altering the timing of the seasons, scientists announced yesterday.”

    Guardian, 26 Aug 2006.


    53. (h/t: trustyetverify) “Given the increase in the
    average winter temperature it is obvious that the number of frost days
    and the number of days that the snow remains, will decline. For Europe
    the models indicate that cold winters such as at the end of the 20th
    century, that happened at an average once every ten years, will
    gradually disappear in the course of the century.” (p. 19), and

    “…but it might well be that nothing
    remains of the snowjoy in the Hautes Fagnes but some yellowed photos
    because of the climate change … moreover an increase in winter
    precipitation would certainly not be favorable for recreation!” (p38)

    Jean-Pascal van Ypersele and Philippe Marbaix, Greenpeace, 2004


    54. (h/t: mobihci) “Shindell’s model
    predicts that if greenhouse gases continue to increase, winter in the
    Northern Hemisphere will continue to warm. ‘In our model, we’re seeing a
    very large signal of global warming and it’s not a naturally occurring
    thing. It’s most likely linked to greenhouse gases,’ he said.

    NASA GISS, 2 June 1999


    55. “We have seen that in the last years
    and decades that winters have become much milder than before and that
    there isn’t nearly as much snowfall. All simulations show this trend
    will continue in the future and that we have to expect an intense
    warming in the Alps. […] especially in the foothills, snow will turn
    to rain and winter sports will no longer be possible anymore.”

    Mojib Latif, Leibnitz Institute for Oceanography, University of Kiel, February 17, 2005


    56. Planning for a snowless future: “Our study is already showing that that there will be a much worse situation in 20 years.”

    Christopher Krull, Black Forest Tourism Association / Spiegel, 17 Feb 2005


    57. (h/t: ab) “Rhineland-Palatinate, as
    will be the case for all of Central Europe, will be affected by higher
    than average warming rates and winters with snow disappearing

    Prof. Dr. Hartmut Grassl, “internationally renowned meteorologist”, Director Emeritus, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 20 Nov 2008


    58. “With the pace of global warming
    increasing, some climate change experts predict that the Scottish ski
    industry will cease to exist within 20 years.”

    Guardian, 14 February 2004

    [4 January 2013: “Nevis Range, The Lecht, Cairngorm, Glenshee and Glencoe all remain closed today due to the heavy snow and strong winds.”]


    59. “Unfortunately, it’s just getting too hot for the Scottish ski industry.”

    David Viner, Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, 14 Feb 2004


    60. For the Baltic ringed seal,
    climate change could mean its demise warned a team of scientists at the
    Baltic Sea Experiment (Baltex) conference in Goteborg. This is because
    the warming leads to the ice on the Baltic Sea to melt earlier and
    earlier every year.”

    Spiegel, 3 June 2006

    [The Local 2013: “Late-season freeze sets Baltic ice record … I’ve never seen this much ice this late in the season.”]

  17. Minister Oliver should be strengthening his climate realist comments, not withdrawing them. In particular he should use the messages we at the International Climate Science Coalition have suggested for Alberta Premier Alsion Redford in our 14 minute video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXEanhiRtM0 .

    Tom Harris
    ICSC, Ottawa

  18. Deny this:
    Science can say an asteroid hit crisis is real but won’t say any climate crisis from my SUV is as real as an asteroid hit crisis is. 27 years of “maybe” proves it won’t be. Be happy.

    NEVER has the IPCC EVER said any crisis WILL happen, only might. Deny that!

    • NEVER has science said smoking WILL cause cancer or emphysema. Be happy and smoke yer brains out.

      • Face it, you want this misery to be real.
        Is “maybe” a good enough excuse to condemn YOUR kids? Stop this needless fear mongering, please!
        How can science say an asteroid hit crisis is real but a Human CO2 climate crisis is not as real as an asteroid hit crisis?

        • “Is “maybe” a good enough excuse to condemn YOUR kids?”

          Of course not. That’s why it’s idiotic to take no action based on very small probabilities that things will be fine. It’s the equivalent of assuming you’ll win the lottery when you plan your finances.

          “Stop this needless fear mongering, please!” says mememine immediately after asserting that addressing climate change will “condemn (my) kids” without a hint of irony. Hilarious.

          • You fear monger on a headline, that’s all. Science has never said there is a crisis coming, only could be. So what else do you do for fun, scare old ladies, rubber neck car accidents, pull fire alarms…..You remaining doomers enjoy the panic. Makes you feel important maybe? You just want to drag the rest of us down with you?
            Find me one single IPCC warning report not swimming in maybes and could bes and likelys and I’ll take back all the shit I said about you and the rest of your fear mongering the climate blame mob.

  19. Joe Oliver is a former Wall Street 1% hack who does not care about Canada, only lining the pockets of the NWO friends as is Stephen Harper. With these guys at the helm, we are debased to making a living relying on the derivative markets which really is nothing more than banks robbing Canadians of their hard earned cash through inflation and the printing of money. The only way for Canadians to get ahead is through the production of material goods, not printing money to fund wars, oil companies and Olivers banking federal reserve buddies.

  20. Face it, you remaining believers WANTED this misery to be real.

    Is “maybe” a good enough excuse to condemn YOUR kids? Stop this needless fear mongering, please!

    How can science say an asteroid hit crisis is real but a Human CO2 climate crisis is not as real as an asteroid hit crisis? Science has never said their crisis is eventual or inevitable or even WILL happen, but they say comet hits are.
    REAL planet lovers are happy a crisis was exaggerated.

  21. Like bible thumping neocons you climate blame believing fear mongers make it totally an issue of WHO to believe not WHAT to believe. Science only said it “could happen”, not will happen but it seems a “maybe” is a good enough reason to threaten billions of children with your greenhouse gas ovens.

  22. All ‘theological’ discussion aside, shouldn’t taxpayers wan’t to know why Stephen’s boys would have handed out $10B to the industry just to encourage them to make a bit less of a mess. Give generously or oil industry executives will go to bed hungry? In all fairness, the government should pay us $1000 each to encourage us to take a bit less garbage to the curb.

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