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Justin Trudeau, safe injection facilities and scary drugs

Is it time to ban alcohol and cigarettes too?


Part of a tidy little assessment of the parties’ respective positions on trade, the Conservatives have taken to equating Justin Trudeau’s support for the legalization of marijuana with support for the “drug trade”—four uses of the phrase in the first two days of parliamentary proceedings—and there have so far been three references to making it easier for children to access marijuana, including this from Terence Young, which oddly suggests that it might be time to prohibit alcohol and tobacco as well.

The Liberals and the NDP have certainly claimed that regulation will protect our youth from accessing marijuana, expecting Canadians to believe that no teens consume cigarettes or alcohol because they are legal and regulated.

Meanwhile, in debate on Friday about the government’s new legislation for safe injection facilities, Labour Minister Kellie Leitch accused the NDP’s Libby Davies of being “pro-heroin” (the “anti-salt” bit is presumably a reference to the NDP’s call for a national sodium strategy).


Justin Trudeau, safe injection facilities and scary drugs

  1. Does Terence Young actually think that children are currently not exposed to marijuana? If this is his honest belief, are sane people concerned that Terence Young has been voted as fit to represent his riding by a plurality of voters in Oakville?

    • It is worse. He seems to believe that legalizing or decriminalizing[ he did mention the ndp] despite the tories playing with the idea of deciminalization themselves, will actually make it easier to get the stuff.
      Nice to see the Tories are taking the same old high road they always seem to take on this one. First rule on defence, always take the man, not the puck.

      • Well, Stephen Harper decriminalized it in the worst way possible. He’s creating a monopoly on who can grow (basically 1-2 large companies) and restricting people from growing their own…if that’s not a violation of Charter of Rights/Freedoms – I’m not sure what is.

        The only thing it can do in Oakville/Halton is reduce crime rate, cause really…THAT’S ALL COPS BUST PEOPLE FOR. Canada’s teens are the highest in the world, in all honesty – at least weed will have a “not as bad” effect on brain development/cells as opposed to straight up killing them with alcohol.

        Finally, get Stephen Harper the fuck out of office.

  2. It’s hard to believe that the Cons’ “base” buys such deliberate distortion of fact. But apparently they do, because Con myth-makers keep feeding them these convenient, self-serving lies.

    • Um, what “distortion of fact” are you referring to? Canadian teens do smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, as teens do in every free country on the planet. It’s hardly a “distortion of fact” to point out that putting marijuana on store shelves will increase it’s usage in the population as a whole, including teenagers.

      • ‘It’s hardly a “distortion of fact” to point out that putting marijuana on store shelves will increase it’s usage in the population as a whole, including teenagers.’

        Of course, you’ve got something to back that statement up… right Rick? Otherwise, it’s just an assumption. Might be the correct assumption. Might not. Who knows.

      • That the Liberals are “supporting the drug trade”, for starters. It’s an asinine claim, given that legalizing a banned substance and regulating its distribution is one way to put an illegal industry out of business, not “support” it. It’s also a way to gain some measure of control over its availability to minors, as well.

        • All them minors disguising themselves as adult dope heads in order to get into the pharmacy…can’t you see it. I bet the Hell’s Angels will just start investing in drug and liquor stores once JT gets in. Can’t anyone see this guy has to be stopped for the sake of our kids. The Liberal fiend.

          • Yah man, that JT takes the “r” out of friend, y’know?

        • Seriously? You think legalizing marijuana puts an illegal industry out of business? It doesn’t, it just makes it legal. It’s like saying if we just legalized murder we’d have a 0% murder rate. Brilliant! Who the hell needs ANY laws?!

          • Apparently you know little, if anything, about the history of the illicit alcohol industry during prohibition and its fate when prohibition ended.

            As for your analogy with the crime of murder, it is so fatuous it doesn’t merit a response.

  3. Cons are trying to stop the rise of Justin, any way they can.

    Another Temperance movement, with Harp playing Carrie Nation, isn’t likely to do it though. LOL

    • After Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Liberals have been using marijuana to raise funds (http://www.ipolitics.ca/2013/09/26/liberal-party-marijuana-policy-used-in-campus-membership-drive/). The new Liberal head of fundraising is opening a medical marijuana distributor in Ontario. The Liberal party’s #1 agenda item is legalizing marijuana use for the general public.

      It’s not at all out of line to suggest that Justin Trudeau wants the government to get into the drug trade. He wants the federal government to be the nation’s dope dealer.

      • The govt already sells alcohol, tobacco and drugs.…..including medical pot, plus determines abortion, the right to die and even runs casinos and horse racing.

      • Sure, he’d make it a major plank in the LPC plaform merely to enrich his friends and the party would let him. You sure you aren’t smoking a little something yourself there Ricky?

      • The decision to legalize and regulate the sale of cannabis to adults was voted on by members of the Liberal party before Trudeau was elected leader of the party – your argument is invalid.

        Regardless of legality the reality is that cannabis *will* be sold, the question is who do you
        want financially profiting from it, taxpayers, or organized crime? Also, more Canadians are addicted to LEGAL prescription medications, in the States someone dies of from an overdose of legal big pharma drugs every 19 minutes. Clearly the Harm Principle is not being applied to drug policy, if it was booze, smokes, caffeine and Oxycontin would be prohibited. Red Bull is big cause of Emergency Room visits as well, you wanna ban that too?
        “Booze, smokes & RedBull, oh my!” http://twitpic.com/cd2r4y

  4. What a curious man Terence Young is. He lost a daughter from a Big Pharma medication reaction and became a consumer advocate for awareness of side effects of prescription and OTC drugs.

    Now he want to rail against a drug that does little or no harm; at least nothing compared to alcohol, tobacco, and a whole catalog of prescription meds.

    He has lost his mind. Or joined Mitt Romney’s religion.

  5. The best way to keep children from the dangers of marijuana is to lock them up in jail if they are ever caught in possession. A few years in prison will teach them a lesson that drugs are bad and when they re-enter society they will think twice before parking their life at the end of a marijuana cigarette.

    • I’m going to assume this is satire. Otherwise, you’re just a whack job.

      • Whack job?!?! Why so aggressive?!? Have you been smoking too much whacky tobacky?

    • Your idea is bound to fail. If you want to keep children from the dangers of marijuana, you have to put them in jail (has to be 24 hour solitary confinement, too) even before they are caught, and only let them them out when they are adults and not technically “child users.”

  6. 2015 Voting Liberal… Tired of Conservatives and their Shady business….. Love how Harper keeps running trying not to respond to any questions about the Senate Scandal…

  7. All these attcks on JT. Did no one notice that it is the Harper government that has commercialised the growing and selling of(medical) marijuana. I am sure these MM entreprenuers will not wait too long befire pushing for regular commercial sales.

  8. this is what i dont get, they have buildings were you can freely inject yourself with heroin and yet marijuana is still illegal. WHATS UP WITH THAT!