The amazing, disappearing contract that never was


Stephen Harper, November 3, 2010.  We are going to need to replace the aircraft at the end of this decade, and the party opposite knows that. But instead, for the sake of getting the anti-military vote on the left, with the NDP and the Bloc, the Liberals are playing this game. The mistake is theirs. It would be a mistake to rip up this contract for our men and women in uniform as well as the aerospace industry.

Peter MacKay, December 13, 2010Mr. Speaker, let us look at the actual contract. What the Canadian government has committed to is a $9 billion contract for the acquisition of 65 fifth generation aircraft.

Stephen Harper, January 14, 2011“I do find it disappointing, I find it sad, that some in Parliament are backtracking on the F-35 and some are talking openly about cancelling the contract, should they get the chance,” Harper said at the Heroux-Devtek plant in Dorval.

Stephen Harper, today. The government has not signed a contract.

Stephen Harper, today. As I have said repeatedly, we will ensure that when we replace the aircraft at the end of this decade, and we have not yet signed a contract in that regard.

Peter MacKay, today. Mr. Speaker, as was mentioned, with no contract in place, no money misspent, and now funds frozen, we are injecting more accountability into this process.

Julian Fantino, today. We have not signed a contract to purchase a replacement aircraft.


The amazing, disappearing contract that never was

  1. So is the opposition going to get up, read some of these statements from Hansard, and ask if they were telling the truth then?

    • What difference would it make? They were found in contempt over this last year, their future was put to the people and the people decided they liked it just fine. Clearly, all of this doesn’t matter to the average Canadian.

      •  “the people decided they liked it just fine”? Really? This government committed electoral fraud to steal a majority. They eked out a fraudulent victory by a mere 6,848 votes in total. Out of all votes cast country wide, that is a 0.048 per cent margin for ‘majority’.

        This government lies to Parliament, commits a crime to steal power and now has it’s hands on the levers of power, law making and the country’s purse strings.

        This is not democracy. This is a government with an obvious contempt for democracy. Just because many Canadians are too busy making ends meet to care about about a lot that goes on, does not make it in any way acceptable to govern with corruption and lies for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the many.

      • Like “He’s just visiting”, if something gets repeated often enough, people start to believe it. If the meme of “he’s a liar” gets repeated often enough, it might get people to look into it, whereby they can find out that it’s true.

      •  I hear you and I’m trying to do all that I can to show those who love Harpercon the truth about him and his party As for my thoughts on Harper I just want to see him gone.. I’m hoping that we can help those that voted him in  see the light…United we stand….

    • Thwim, My thoughts excatly! Makes  me wonder just when Enough will be enough for the majority of Canadians. Makes  me sick that Harpercon has got away with all the shit he has every time I watch Q&P I wait for anyone to stand up and read all the comments fromHarper  that we all no are lies and ask  him to explain them I no it wont happen..

  2. Macleans: Time to bring back the Bull Meter.

  3. This entire govt runs on magic.

    Invisible hands,  planes, contracts, prisoners, principles and mantras that go poof….even Parliament disappeared once!

    Cut taxes and yet spend like crazy and then get surprised by deficits….it’s all remarkably like a govt being run by the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

    Harper as Mickey Mouse in fact.

  4. The rather obvious absence of cheap-shot responses from the government side in QP today might suggest that harper is finally beginning to realize that being found in contempt of parliament for refusing to provide details of the F-35 is coming around.  He didn’t even try the ‘strong mandate from Canadians defense today.

  5. always BS coming the harper cons, nothing is

    • they’re all asswholes

  6. March 10th, 2011: “The Liberals say they would cancel the memorandum of understanding and hold a new competitive bid for the plane contract if they win the next election. The NDP is also opposed to the purchase, and Thursday on CBC’s Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, Bloc Québécois defence critic Claude Bachand said his party no longer supports the deal.”

     That’s odd. That quote is later than the ones Wherry lists in his post. So it seems the Liberals position is it was a memorandum of understanding. Isn’t that what the PM said he was referring to in QP in regards to the contract?

    • A MOU and a contract are two entirely different things. 

      • “In some cases depending on the exact wording, MoUs can have the binding power of a contract; as a matter of law, contracts do not need to be labeled as such to be legally binding.[Whether or not a document constitutes a binding contract depends only on the presence or absence of well-defined legal elements in the text proper of the document (the so-called “four corners”). This can include express disclaimers of legal effect, or failure of the MoU to fulfill the elements required for a valid contract (such as lack of consideration in common law jurisdictions).”

        •  An agreement between parties that meets the requirement of a contract is a contract.  Documents which don’t are sometimes called memorandums of understanding. Sometimes parties sign memorandums of understanding because they haven’t reached a full agreement, sometimes it’s obvious to all that the document labelled memorandum of understanding governs the relationship between the parties.

          In this case Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper wanted Canadians to believe that the purchase of the F-35s was a done deal that couldn’t be gotten out of by either side and that clearly set the price tag at $9 billion. 

          this was a lie.

  7. Oh Aaron, there you go again, exposing your lefty bias by repeating the exact words of the Ministers and placing them side-by-side.  I expect OB will come by to scold you shortly.

    • But Cons have always been big on mailing others with their own words…

  8. You journalists need to be careful when you are reporting on our P.M. that you do not get hit with that ever growing nose of his. Pinocchio, I suspect, is relieved to have such an infamous replacement. 

  9. Look, Canada was part of a NATO fighter/bomber development agreement/ contract, call it what you will ever since the Liberals initiated it  during their rule. 

  10. The F-35 isn’t the only high performance plane around, although it’s still likely going to be an amazing craft once it’s all ironed out.
    This bit of a boondoggle isn’t Harper’s.
    Canada should proceed to updating and multiplying its air force.
    It’s easy pickings otherwise.

  11. This should be  on the front pages of every worthwhile Newspapers! This way Canadians can  read for themselves all the lies that is our Government.Ive found that those who love the Cons continue to except his ways but I really am hoping this and whatever comes out after  will be more then enough to change the minds of even the most die hart Conservitives.

  12. It was reported in the Globe and Mail by Simpson that “Canada has already committed $710-million to the Joint Strike Fighter
    program headquartered, directed, planned and largely financed in the
    United States.”

  13. how did harper get elected? talk to karl rove.