The enemies list -

The enemies list


Conservative MP Paul Calandra uses the finance committee to try to root out Liberal sympathizers.

Paul Calandra, the MP for Oak-Ridges-Markham, north of Toronto, slipped into the end of a Commons finance committee meeting that was holding prebudget consultations on Tuesday and spent all his of allotted time accusing Susan Eng, CARP’s head of advocacy, of campaigning for the Liberals. Mr. Calandra said he recalled an event organized by CARP that he had attended in his riding in March of 2011, just weeks before the country was plunged into an election. Julian Fantino, who at that time held the seniors portfolio in the federal cabinet, was the headline speaker.

“I was a bit thrown back. You were actually campaigning for the Liberal candidate in the riding at that time. It was days before the election and there was, of course, a great deal of Liberal campaign literature strewn throughout the event at the same time that a minister was there announcing some great news for seniors,” Mr. Calandra told Ms. Eng as the committee and the public looked on … neither she, nor CARP, have ever backed the Liberals, Ms. Eng said.


The enemies list

  1. If an organization thinks that one of the Con’s policies is bad (in this case, increasing the retirement age to 67), it must be a Liberal organization. The logic is strong with this backbencher.

  2. Did Calandra submit even one bit of evidence, say a public complaint about the leadership of carp? Of course not. It’s all personalized, vacuous politically motivated assertions all the way with these guys. How low can you go CPC?…lower…way lower if necessary.

  3. Wow, now channeling McCarthy? Best of the best for the CPC…