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XL Foods, Gerry Ritz and Ruth Ellen Brosseau


The Star, Globe and Calgary Herald list the problems at XL Foods.

Federal food inspectors have released a long list of deficiencies — clogging of water nozzles used to wash feces from carcasses, condensation above exposed product, and unsanitary handling of meat — found during an audit of an Alberta plant at the centre of the country’s largest-ever beef recall, but missed during routine inspections.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Friday that XL Foods Inc. also had no appropriate plan to handle a late August spike in positive tests for a potentially fatal bacteria, but agency officials struggled again to explain why their own inspectors didn’t spot the festering problem weeks before and act then to stop contaminated product from reaching grocery shelves.

Meanwhile, demonstrating that accidental MPs grow up so fast these days, here is an email that went out to New Democrats yesterday afternoon.

My fellow New Democrat,

When the Conservative Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz, finally bothered to show up in the House of Commons this week, it was clear he had no answers for his mishandling of the largest beef recall in Canadian history.

It’s clear Mr. Ritz hasn’t been doing his job. It’s clear he’s put your safety at risk. And he’s refusing to accept responsibility and give Canadians the answers they deserve.

Join us in calling for his resignation right now. Sign our petition today.


Did you know that tainted beef was recalled in the U.S. almost two weeks before it was recalled in Canada? Canadian consumers were buying and eating contaminated meat while Americans were protected.

While in the midst of the largest beef recall in Canadian history, Mr. Ritz has the nerve to claim that Canada’s food inspection system is not only working, but is world class.

He still won’t accept responsibility for the food inspection system he put in place.

On Tuesday, he was even making jokes about the tainted beef crisis in a Saskatchewan newspaper.

If the Minister refuses to take this crisis seriously, how can we trust him to fix it?

Canadians deserve better.

Add your voice to our call for Gerry Ritz’s resignation. Sign the petition today. Together we can make sure he’s shown the door.

Mr. Ritz has got to go. Canadians need a Minister of Agriculture that will put their safety first.

Let’s make it happen.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau, MP
Deputy Critic for Agriculture
Canada’s New Democrats


XL Foods, Gerry Ritz and Ruth Ellen Brosseau

  1. Ah, yes. Political education at its’ best. Being a single mother part-time bar
    tender/ pub manager listening to rambling monologues at 1 A.M. while waiting
    to clean up and go home. Go,girl !

  2. Become Vegetarian!

  3. “…….demonstrating that accidental MPs grow up so fast…..”


    Are you calling the fruits of our democracy ‘accidental’? Or are you commenting on the way the deeply stupid electorate engage in our democracy?

    • Perhaps the people of Berthier-Maskinonge had an “accident”, just like my 3 year old sometimes has in her pants

      • I do believe that in Western democracies the electorate are as accident prone children. And because children are themselves a ‘visitation’ from god – not unlike the biblical Plague of Toads – and vile creatures who are, at best, all noise at one end and a complete lack of responsibility at the other, I can see how the incontinence of your offspring is relevant.

  4. Give her a break, she was In Vegas on vacation, wrote it in between jaunts to the buffet.

  5. Bad link to petition, Mr. Rogers.

    • Give him a break…. blogging is hard! You can’t actually expect Wherry to check a link he’s going to post about. It came from the NDP right to his e-mail, what’s to question?!

  6. Nah…he didn’t make jokes again, did he?

    I thought he was busy there for a week working his way through the backlog. personally consuming all the suspect product, in order to protect us, the consumer. He’s a trooper in my book.

    • In your expert opinion, would this be a case of ‘sporadic cretinism’ caused by some form of congenital hypothyroidism or an instance of ‘endemic cretinism’ as a result of iodine deficiency induced hypothyroidism?

  7. I was delighted to receive it, completed the petition and shared it with a long list of family and friends. After 2008, this cretin clown CONservative should have learned not to screw with our health and safety. He should have ordered the plant closed as soon as the US reported finding ecoli since XL wasn’t even testing for it. Unlike 2008, there have luckily been no deaths to date. Time to go, Ritz.

    • “…….this cretin clown CONservative…..”

      Although I love an alliterative concatenate as much as the next gal, I am not convinced Mr. Ritz could possibly ‘screw’ with our health and safety more so than we already do ourselves. After all, we are cretin-esque and clown-like CANadians.

  8. They been a minister who understands the issues. He is putting my safety at risk. Get rid of him now before further harm is done.