The first budget bill of 2014

Weighing in at 375 pages


Here, weighing in at 375 pages, is the first budget implementation act of 2014. A quick scan indicates that, in addition to various tax measures, the bill amends the Hazardous Products Act, the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act, the Judges Act, the National Defence Act, the Safe Food for Canadians Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act while enacting the New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Act.

And so we can now resume the debate about what should be in a budget bill.

For the sake of reference, here is a compendium of previous budget bills and below is an updated tally of page counts for budget implementation acts dating to 1994 (in this case, with the page counts at Royal Assent).

C-17, 1994. 24 pages
C-76, 1995. 49 pages
C-31, 1996. 56 pages
C-93, 1997. 61 pages.
C-36, 1998. 92 pages.
C-71, 1999. 32 pages.
C-32, 2000. 35 pages.
C-49, 2001. 124 pages.
C-28, 2003. 144 pages.
C-30, 2004. 64 pages.
C-33. 2004. 82 pages.
C-43, 2005. 120 pages.
C-13, 2006. 198 pages.
C-28, 2006. 140 pages.
C-52, 2007. 146 pages.
C-28, 2007. 378 pages.
C-50, 2008. 152 pages.
C-10, 2009. 552 pages.
C-51, 2009. 60 pages.
C-9, 2010. 904 pages.
C-47, 2010. 152 pages.
C-3, 2011. 58 pages.
C-13, 2011. 658 pages.
C-38, 2012. 452 pages.
C-45, 2012. 430 pages.
C-60, 2013. 128 pages.
C-4, 2013. 322 pages.


The first budget bill of 2014

  1. Here is what I expect: bloated budget implementation bills will be on the agenda for many years to come. Why? Because the faux Conservative government in place at this moment will not last forever. Sorry, not even a thousand years. And whatever government follows it will promptly set about undoing much of the more egregious damage perpetrated by the current bunch of charlatans, using (what else?) budget implementation bills. And what will the rag-tag remnant of Conservative hegemony do then? Why, they’ll complain vociferously about the dirty, underhanded, overbearing and arrogant tactics of the government that the remaining eligible voters of the nation saw fit to elect.

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