The real challenge now facing BlackBerry -

The real challenge now facing BlackBerry


No matter how good the new BlackBerry Z10 is, it is worth remembering that this is the challenge it now faces: BlackBerry’s global market share is just 4.7 per cent. Android’s share: 68 per cent. And Apple, 19 per cent. In 2007,  Research In Motion’s user base was 70 per cent corporate clients. Today, just 20 per cent.

To make a dent in its rivals’ numbers, RIM’s new phone can’t be merely as good as the latest Samsung or iPhone. It needs to be vastly better. Has it done that with the BB10?

Only a handful of years ago, the reverse was true: RIM was dominant and few thought Apple had any shot at unseating it. But the iPhone really was seen as revolutionary when it launched in 2007 and RIM, inexplicably, seemed to ignore it. Would anyone make the same mistake again?






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