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Artists take over at UBC gardens

Experience the synergy between art and nature

Art In The Garden took place at the UBC Botanical Garden from August 8 to 9. Since 1999, this annual event has been organised by Janet Lee within the private garden of her home. This year she collaborated with Friends of the Garden, which enabled the event to be relocated and expanded to include twenty diverse BC artists with garden-themed artwork.

Video features Janet Lee and Gudrun Hancock

Janet Lee, Janet Planet Designs and Gudrun Hancock, Friends of the Garden share why Art In The Garden is now at the UBC Botanical Garden, the reasons for the change, and the benefits of the new location.

Video features Raymond Chow, Yolande Morin, and Douglas Walker
Raymond Chow explains why the UBC Endowment Lands inspired him to spend a month at the UBC Botanical Garden to create a series of paintings. In describing his painting of the garden tunnel, he recommends that musicians play their music at its entrance because of the incredible acoustics.

Art in the Garden - UBC Botanical Garden
Raymond Chow views the UBC Botanical Garden tunnel as a sound chamber for musicians

Yolande Morin recalls her artistic beginnings in photography as a nine years old. She used a little box camera she received as a gift to take pictures of her friends and family. She states: “[I was] trying to imitate the cherry blossoms by Van Gogh on the blue sky…by photographing in black and white the tree that was in front of our house”

Douglas Walker describes the functionality of an artpiece he calls French Horn Union Number 7. It pumps water through two French Horn sculptures in an S-shape causing water to pour out of the fountains while continuously rotating a water wheel.
Art in the Garden - UBC Botanical Garden
Douglas Walker with his French Horn Union Number 7

Art in the Garden - UBC Botanical Garden
Gurdin Hancock, Friends of the Garden discovers an Alcea Rosea

Additional pictures are available in the Flickr set.