As axe swings at GM, will Pontiac survive?

As axe swings at GM, will Pontiac survive?

Rumours have been flying this week that GM is planning to drop some of its eight different brands, including Pontiac, Hummer, Saab and Saturn.  When the heads of the Detroit Three head back to Washington to beg for cash next week, they need to prove they’re willing to make steep cuts. For GM, this would be a necessary step in the right direction.  Critics have been arguing for years that eight brands is way too many. Hummer is a write-off in this day and age. Saab is nice, but the upscale European brand doesn’t seem an easy fit in the GM family. And Saturn has always been a bit of a disappointing outcast. Pontiac, however, stands out on the list. The 82-year-old brand has struggled with poor sales in recent years, but seems on the verge  of a big turnaround.  The influential auto blog Jalopnik called the Pontiac G8 the ‘new BMW’. It would be a shame to see it go now.

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