By cuddling with her cat, woman is found alive after more than three weeks lost in New Mexico forest

As tales of survival go, this one is pretty impressive. A 41-year-old woman named Margaret Page went missing after she and her cat Miya veered off a hiking trail and got lost in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico. As for supplies, she had a bag of pretzels, some cat food and a sleeping bag.

That was more than three weeks ago.

With whipping winds and temperatures dipping below freezing, Page managed to stay alive by huddling with Miya every night in her blue sleeping bag. When rescuers finally found her, Page was emaciated and weak, but well-hydrated. Apparently, she was able to survive on water from a nearby creek.

The cat, meanwhile, remained relatively lively thanks to the spoils of its daily hunting. “Her cat was in better shape than she was,” Marc Levesque of the New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue told the Associated Press.

As her rescuers carried her away to a waiting ambulance, Page’s main concern was the well-being of her cat Miya. Without its body heat and camaraderie, she might never have left that New Mexico forest.