Snarky blogs and software foul-ups

It turns out, we weren’t the only ones who found Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment campaign a bit off.   But it’s worth noting that Microsoft isn’t the only computer giant with PR  problems these days.  The normally can-do-no-wrong Apple committed its own marketing blunder recently with the launch of MobileMe (its program that lets users automatically synch email and other info between their iPhones and computers). Initial reviews weren’t great. It was deemed glitchy and flawed by some. 

The results were bad enough that Apple apologized. According to some reports, Steve Jobs himself (in a conveniently leaked email) said it was “not up to Apple’s standards.”  It’ll be interesting to see how Apple continues to handle this misstep.  But by admitting its mistakes and vowing to fix them (as opposed to trying to convince the public that it’s wrong), it’s off to a pretty good start.