A razor-thin scam and one bad cup of joe

Police notes from all over

Police notes from all over:

British Columbia: A Prince George man was arrested for impersonating a police officer and pulling over drivers after he mounted red and blue lights on top of his car. In one incident, the man allegedly flagged down a woman and told her he would be revoking her driver’s licence unless she performed a sexual act; when she refused, he asked instead for $50.

Alberta: A scheming shopper who allegedly cut himself with razors and blamed it on grocery stores to get refunds is facing charges of fraud and mischief. The 59-year-old Calgary man visited several shops in the city, each time slicing his own hands with a hidden blade and claiming sharp-edged merchandise or a shopping cart was at fault. He then presented illegible, blood-stained receipts that supposedly coincided with big-ticket items and demanded a full refund.

Saskatchewan: Regina police have apprehended a 25-year-old man with an alleged penchant for violence. The man is accused of swinging an axe at a 37-year-old woman after kicking and punching her. He was missing when police showed up at the scene, but was quickly located nearby after he allegedly kicked and punched another woman. While being treated for minor injuries, he is said to have damaged hospital equipment.

Ontario: The owner of a Toronto coffee-shop chain has been charged with assault for attacking opponents of abortion. He allegedly spat on the protesters and threw hot coffee in their direction, damaging their signage.

New Brunswick: The suspect in an armed-robbery case in Saint John made a dramatic attempt to escape police, jumping off the Princess of Acadia ferry into the Bay of Fundy. The 28-year-old man was wanted in an earlier holdup at a convenience store in the city. Police received word he was on board the docked vessel, but when they approached, he fled, either falling or jumping into the water. He was arrested unharmed.