The 10 lobby groups with the most contact with federal officials

Here’s what they wanted to talk about: pipelines, tax credits, identity theft, livestock, credit cards, free trade agreements, meat inspection, land claims

By the numbers

Number of communication reports filed with the Federal lobbyist registry, from January to September 2012:

178: Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Lobbied on: pipeline regulation, streamlining of Fisheries Act, tax credits, Clean Air Act related to greenhouse gas regulations

131: Canadian Bankers Association
Lobbied on: do-not-call list, identity theft laws, accounting rules, corporate income tax, mortgage insurance

113: Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
Lobbied on: livestock carcass grading regulations, imports of non-NAFTA beef and veal, financial loan guarantees, animal health

105: The Mining Association of Canada
Lobbied on: environmental assessment regulations, skills training, corporate taxation, remediation of abandoned mines

96: Canadian Federation Of Independent Business
Lobbied on: credit card code of conduct, budget recommendations, red tape reduction, Canada Pension Plan increases

95: Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada
Lobbied on: various free trade agreements, climate change, foreign workers program, research funding

92: World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada
Lobbied on: tighter animal cruelty laws, improved conditions for animals during transport, support for UN animal welfare declaration

92: Chicken Farmers of Canada
Lobbied on: meat inspection regulations, poultry import tariffs, medicated feed mixing regulations, food safety programs

91: General Motors of Canada Ltd.
Lobbied on: removal of EcoAuto levies, automotive investment fund, research funding, Canada-EU trade agreement

88: Canadian National Railway
Lobbied on: First Nations land claims, Pacific gateway initiative, railway noise control, replacement worker regulations