Free tablet edition: A briefing on the 2015 budget

Find everything you need to know about the 2015 budget in our special tablet edition. A free edition coming soon to our digital newsstands.


Budget day is a once-a-year political showcase. The 2015 edition — delivered April 21 in Ottawa — was all that but a little bit more. 

As Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes notes, the 2015 budget presented a pre-election survey of the Harper legacy going back to 2006, set against that starkly contrasting version of what happened in the preceding Liberal era.

What’s in the budget? And what does it mean for the 2015 election campaign? Most importantly, what does it mean to you?

Maclean’s Ottawa bureau and our in-house economists have examined the budget and have created a special tablet edition of budget highlights and analysis.

Joining Paul Wells, John Geddes and the Maclean’s team:

Stephen Gordon: Economics professor at l’Université du Laval and a regular contributor to Maclean’s.

Mike Moffatt: Assistant professor in the Business, Economics and Public Policy group at Ivey Business School.

Jennifer Robson: Assistant professor at Carleton University’s Kroeger College.

We’ll also be calling on Kevin Milligan of UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics.

You can also listen to a special Budget-Day edition of our politics podcast On the Hill here, with a one-on-one interview with Finance Minister Joe Oliver, and expert analysis of the political and economic ramifications of the budget.

The issue is now on digital newsstands and on Next Issue.