Conservative leadership race

Many Tories see MacKay’s political experience as being the right blend of old and new (Photograph by Dimitri Aspinall)

Peter MacKay: The Tories’ avatar of unity, hope and renewal—but also of unforced errors

He’s the charismatic candidate who’s supposed to be most electable, carrying name recognition and the promise of centrist appeal. But some Conservatives are not without worries.

Why shouldn’t Marilyn Gladu be a contender?

Paul Wells: Two broadly similar candidates lead a claustrophobic leadership race. Conservatives, here’s a thoughtful alternative.

What room can Andrew Scheer win, if not this one?

Jason Markusoff: Alberta Conservatives gathered to listen to their federal party leader. They were not very impressed.

How the first Conservative ballot looked across Canada

We mapped the first-ballot winners in every riding across Canada. Check out the pockets of strength for Scheer, Bernier and the other contenders

An insider’s view of the final week of Andrew Scheer’s campaign

Chuck Strahl—a former MP and Andrew Scheer’s national campaign chair—on what it was like during those last tense days

Inside Andrew Scheer’s unlikely triumph

How an under-the-radar MP from Regina overcame the high-profile distractions in a war for the soul of Canadian conservatism
Maxime Bernier; Andrew Scheer; Erin OÕToole; Kellie Leitch; Michael Chong; Pierre Lemieux; Lisa Raitt; Steven Blaney; Deepak Obh

Undercover with Grit agents at the Tory convention

Observing, disrupting, spying—call it what you want. Liberal operatives overcame Conservative attempts at counter-espionage.
Conservative Convention 20170527

By electing Andrew Scheer, the Conservatives choose not to go ’Mad’

By rejecting Maxime Bernier with a cautious, conservative choice for leader, Conservatives choose life, as a party

A young Conservative on Andrew Scheer, and ’finishing the sentence’

The Tories have stopped selling a vision of Canada, writes Natalie Pon. With Andrew Scheer as leader, here’s where it can go now
Conservative Convention 20170527

Andrew Scheer’s victory speech takes aim at Trudeau

But can he persuade Canadians the Liberals mean "pain and hardship" when the economy looks healthy?