Dalton McGuinty

Dalton McGuinty

How McGuinty continues to fly above the gas plant scandal

McGuinty remains remarkably free of the what-did-you-know-and-when questions other pols would face under the circumstances. It’s as if no one can believe he could have a part in it.
Stephen Harper, Thomas Lawson

Stephen Harper, a son—and antagonist—of Ontario

Nothing matters more to the future of Canadian conservatism than Ontario. The Prime Minister can’t leave it alone.
Peace Tower

Should you be upset that Stephen Harper is proroguing Parliament?

As Aaron Wherry explains, the real question is this: Why must we wait for Parliament to resume?
Dalton McGuinty;

Ann Cavoukian: Canada’s newest rock star watchdog

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Ontario government’s deleted email probe debunks myth of the digital trail

Why emails about the cancelled gas plants are gone for good
Dalton McGuinty;

The real story of the former McGuinty era

Charlie Gillis on Premier Dad’s financials

The legend of the delegated convention

They’re entertaining, but not quite as wild and crazy as you remember
A school bus passes angel paintings seen along the route to the Chalk Hill School where the Sandy Hook Elementary School children will begin to attend classes in Monroe

Ontario’s locked-door policy in schools doesn’t add up

On Dalton McGuinty’s response to the tragic Newtown shooting
Dalton McGuinty;

A centrist party that has lost its centre

Paul Wells on Dalton McGuinty stepping down and the Liberal party’s climb ahead