Longevity expert Peter Attia can help you cheat death—for a while

“We have it better than the king of England did 500 years ago! I think about that when I’m distressed about the insignificance of my life, and that, in 30 or 40 years, I’ll be dead.”
An arrow hits a target that looks like microbes

Superbugs are overpowering antibiotics. We should fight them with phage therapy.

In 1917, a Franco-Canadian scientist pioneered a treatment that’s become a powerful weapon against antibiotic-resistant infections. It should be available here.

Thousands of patients. No help. Meet the lone family doctor of Verona, Ontario.

I’m the only family doctor in a 2,000-person Ontario town. It’s impossible to be the doctor I want to be.
Andrew Boozary 2020 copy

How to fix our broken health care system

Dr. Andrew Boozary dissects proposed solutions like privatization and prescribes a new approach to delivering health care across Canada

The nurse imposter

Brigitte Cleroux faked her credentials and treated hundreds of patients across Canada. Why did no one stop her?
Chika Oriuwa (Christie Vuong)

Medical trailblazer Chika Stacy Oriuwa is using her power to lift others up

Oriuwa is upending racism in the medical community–and inspiring future doctors along the way. That’s why she’s on the 2022 Maclean’s Power List.

Medicine’s bigotry and bullying problem

Michelle Cohen: The noose incident in Alberta highlights a deep-rooted culture of discrimination the profession has never properly acknowledged
Airplane Incidents 20180220

Outdated medical gear is putting airplane passengers at risk

Opinion: Medical distress on planes is rising—but what each airline keeps handy, and how flight crews are trained to respond, varies wildly
Alfred Nobel

Why can’t Canada win another Nobel Prize in medicine?

One thing is certain: The absence of Nobel attention is not for lack of Canadian advances in the life sciences

Don’t blame Gwyneth Paltrow, blame the medical status quo

The “wellness” industry boom has stirred much debate, but Anne Kingston argues that the real problem to address is the ongoing medical gender gap that is leaving women frustrated.