Nishan is still in medical school, but few options are open to her after graduation (Photograph by Oriane Zerah)

The world left these Afghan women behind. Now they’re fending for themselves.

Educated in a Canadian-funded school, they became Afghanistan’s best and brightest young women. Today they live in fear, abandoned to the Taliban.
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How women candidates and voters turned the House on Trump

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Keesmaat Rally 20180824

The myth that women are more likely to succeed at municipal politics

A new study finds that races are still dominated by men, while women are less driven by salary than men and less likely to challenge male incumbents
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Turkey’s attacks on women wearing shorts

Secular women are pushing back against an alarming rise of religious conservatism. Their message: ’Don’t mess with my outfit!’

Why male bias in the lab is bad science

Opinion: To answer our biological questions, we must incorporate both male and female subjects

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The “wellness” industry boom has stirred much debate, but Anne Kingston argues that the real problem to address is the ongoing medical gender gap that is leaving women frustrated.

Why do so many women feel overwhelmed, stressed out and tired?

Between technology and feminism, life was supposed to get easier for women. What went wrong—and can we fix it?
Thousands Attend Women’s March On Washington

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Maclean’s senior writer Anne Kingston speaks with CityNews about Donald Trump’s first 100 days, and his impact on the women’s movement
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Can a party for women, and by women, make it in Britain?

How a ‘crazy idea’ to grease the wheels of social progress has launched the Women’s Equality Party and a rising political star
Joe Hockey, Glenn Stevens, Anton Siluanov

No excuses: Why women need to step up

Want to improve the quality of the political talent pool? Tap into the 50 per cent of our population who have traditionally been excluded.