Where You Winning? Barcelona

Today the first rumours started to float that CBS boss Les Moonves still hopes to get Charlie Sheen back. (Sheen met with executives from Fox about a possible reality show, just to demonstrate to Moonves that there is a real threat of losing him to another network.) Will he be back? Probably not, but it would be pretty hilarious if, after all this, he came back and Chuck Lorre had to go concentrate on his other two shows or something.

Meanwhile Jon Cryer is doing what every TV supporting player seems to be doing in April: appearing in the New York Philharmonic’s semi-staged concert of Stephen Sondheim’s Company. The star is Neil Patrick Harris, almost ideal for the lead role of Robert, and Patti LuPone is there because it’s the law that she should appear in these concert things whether or not she’s right for the music. (But she’s much more appropriate for “The Ladies Who Lunch” than she was for, say, Pal Joey or Ethel Merman roles.) The rest of the cast, consisting of the hero’s married friends plus three of his lovers, will consist of mostly of TV names like Katie Finneran, Craig Bierko, and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men (she’ll sing “Barcelona” with Harris). Best of all, Stephen Colbert will play the part created on Broadway by Murphy Brown‘s Charles Kimbrough, singing the song “Sorry/Grateful.” I can’t wait to see how he incorporates this into his show. There’s so much potential Colbert material in explaining his involvement in musical theatre.

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