Another great day for democracy (III)

Chris Selley dissents. Sort of.

It is unfortunate that simply ignoring Canadian politics may increase what Radwanski calls a “disconnect” between Canadians and their government, but objectively speaking Canadian politics mostly deserves to be ignored. I’d rather watch old YouTube clips of Crossfire than Canadian party strategists debating each other, which is to say I’d rather be angry than bored to tears. Any format that involves even a 10-second clip from Question Period needs serious tweaking if not outright abandonment, unless it’s designed, like I said before, to mock or pillory the participants.

For sure, there is a debate to be had over the usefulness of what passes for coverage of politics in this country. But it’s unclear how less coverage would result in better politics. Indeed, in his next paragraph, Selley describes the type of show he’d like to watch and as much as he seems to be joking, he’s not far off what’s likely needed.

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