The cost of loving

Can you put a price on romance? Apparently, yes

It has been a week since St. Valentine’s Day and the romantic hangover is gone. But are you still hurting? No, I’m not talking about heartache. I’m referring to the weighty pain that accompanies a lighter wallet. Love is expensive: It’s just a North American fact. But one Canadian website—RateSupermarket.ca, a site that provides market comparisons on personal finance—thinks it has finally put a price on that expense. And that cost is $43,842.08.

The website has determined the average cost of “love”: One year of dating, one year of engagement, and a wedding. And it will cost you a pretty penny (or at least a nice nickel, now that the penny has perished).

Check out the basic breakdown below and let us know in the comments: Is love too expensive? (For an extremely detailed outline of dating and wedding costs in Canada, check out Rate Supermarket’s site.)