Caption Challenge No. 1 results: You make the call

* At 1:58 p.m. ET, the Blog Central Election Desk is calling it: The winner of Caption Challenge No. 1 is – dramatically removing sunglasses in tribute to David Caruso – “je suis un pizza.” Mr./Ms. Suis Un Pizza, please send me an email at sfeschuk@sympatico.ca and I shall dispatch your prize through the magical tubes of the interweb.

I believe it was Stephen Harper who once said: “Democracy is the worst form of government… because with the other ones you don’t have to pretend to like people.”

But I’m feeling a little low on totalitarianism today, so democracy will have to suffice. I’ve narrowed Caption Challenge No. 1 to five finalists. Read the entries, consider the entries, caress the entries (with your mind) – and then vote for your favourite. Prize goes to the finalist who’s ahead in the poll as of 2 p.m. ET.

1. MJ Patchouli: “Hope these guys can get me to Harry’s Private Sale in time for door crasher specials!”

2. je suis un pizza: This fall, Stephen Harper is David Caruso in CSI: Tofino.

3. Ian: “I suppose this is a bad time to tell you about budgetary cutbacks.”

4. Mike T. “Global warming? Widespread climate change? Pish Posh! Take me to Copenhagen!” “Sir, this is Copenhagen.”

5. Jack Mitchell:

Rove, with a three-man crew —
Come aboard the Tory canoe!
Rove, it’s all cynical spin.
Fire up Baird, and we’ll all sniff glue!

Oh, Rove Boat! Soon will be fighting a new campaign;
The Rove Boat — populists all get the free champagne.
Set a course in a circle, and bow down before your God.

Oh, Rove, who knows what’s in store?
It’s hypocrisy, talking points galore!
It’s ROOOOOOVE! Welcome aboard, it’s ROOOOVE!

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