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Fearless Females of the Year


I could have called this post Two Tough Broads, but really, that sounds so negative, and who can resist an excuse to link to Cosmo in a political post.

Love them or hate them, here are two women who really don’t care who thinks they should just shut up and go away. If this politics thing doesn’t work out, Pelosi and Palin could team up with Hillary and give lucrative seminars on how to grow a thick skin.

Why Democrats Don’t Dump Nancy Pelosi (Politico):

“Talk to lawmakers privately, and many will freely acknowledge that from a public relations perspective it makes little sense for Nancy Pelosi — who made history as speaker and is now fighting hard to be minority leader — to remain the face of Democrats.

But many of those same lawmakers will cast their votes for Pelosi in this morning’s closed door Democratic caucus meeting — and the embattled San Franciscan will almost certainly win the validation she seeks…”


The Palin Network (NYT Magazine):

” “I am,” Sarah Palin told me the next day when I asked her if she was already weighing a run for president…”


“In truth, few are underestimating Sarah Palin anymore. In that endearing manner of the Beltway echo chamber, the prevailing narrative of Palin in 2009 was that that she was an incompetent ditz. This year’s story line is that she is a social-media visionary who purposefully circumnavigated the power-alley gasbags and thereby constructed a new campaigning template for the ages…”

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