For The War? Against The War? Who Cares? 100 Episodes!


Don’t forget that tonight is Corner Gas‘s syndication-busting, wealth-producing 100th episode, which is an episode with meta overtones (Dog River gets involved in a turn-off-your-TV competition, and Brent turns to the world around him to satiate his TV urge).

Shows rarely plan a particular episode as their 100th, and when they do, the network is likely to show some other episode in its place anyway. But it’s fun to see what episode will be chosen, or promoted, as the 100th. Sometimes a show will deliberately choose a very typical episode as the 100th; that’s what The Simpsons did when their 100th episode was a decent but very ordinary episode that began with Bart writing “I will not celebrate meaningless milestones” on the chalkboard. House also treated the 100th episode as a throwaway, despite the big network publicity buildup. And then on the other hand there’s Family Guy, which did a celebratory — and, let’s face it, self-congratulatory — clip show to celebrate its 100th episode.

(Subject line courtesy of South Park.)

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