If it is broke, fix it

Glen Pearson makes the case for Michael Ignatieff’s decision.

Governments are not supposed to dismantle the very system meant to keep it accountable, but this has been going on for three years and Mr. Ignatieff has concluded it’s time to end it.  The polls aren’t in his favor and the Conservatives will attempt to embarrass him at every opportunity, but the reality is that he took his stand. You may agree or not, but he took it, putting an end to two years of wavering as the public service crumbled.

Stephen Harper could avoid an election by just becoming accountable, but his partisan tactics fly in the face of such urgings.  A stand was taken at Sudbury, not just for the Liberals but for the health system, the pension system, the passport system, and the economic accountability system within Parliament.  You might or might not be a member of any political party, but Parliament is yours and somebody has finally opted to preserve its integrity. Like it or not, it’s done and its time for Parliament, not politics, to reassume the primary place.