Infographic: Help wanted in Canada's mid-sized cities -

Infographic: Help wanted in Canada’s mid-sized cities

From Brockville to New Glasgow, Canadian cities still climbing out of 2008 recession


According to a report from the Conference Board of Canada, 21 of Canada’s 46 medium-sized cities have yet to see employment return to pre-recession levels, and 29 saw negative economic growth during 2008-09.

The majority of these cities (40 of 46) saw a return to growth in 2010. However, in the following two years, 13 of them saw that growth stall.

The charts below detail the growth or decline of these mid-sized cities during 2012, both in terms of GDP and employment.

Note: On the employment chart, stars indicated whether cities have yet returned to their 2008 employment levels.

The chart below details the cities with the most significant GDP growth or decline in 2012.


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