Jason Kenney's speech to Islamic Society of North America removed from government (and personal) websites

But the Internet never forgets

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has received sharp criticism for speaking last week to the Islamic Society of North America, an organization the secular Muslim Canadian Congress describes as “Canada’s leading Islamist group.”

As it happens, former citizenship and immigration minister (and current employment and social development minister) Jason Kenney also spoke to the group in November 2008.

Oddly, his speaking notes for the breakfast meeting seem to have been erased from Kenney’s website, and from the online archives of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

I’m sure this is due to a simple computer glitch rather than any attempt to re-write the historical record, and that the text of Kenney’s rather lengthy speech will soon be restored to both websites.

After all, Kenney himself told the ISNA how much he appreciated the opportunity to begin a “closer dialogue between the government of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Muslim community in general, ISNA in particular.”

In the meantime, readers can access cached versions of Kenney’s speech here and here.